Boys Three-Piece Suits

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There’s something very special about a well-made, correctly worn 3-piece suit. No man can fail to look clean, elegant, and stylish in a suit – especially with the matching waistcoat – and it’s the only way to dress for formal occasions. It could be that you are attending a wedding, or perhaps another special gathering, or maybe you just want to replace your current suit with a new one.

While you are looking, what about the little men in your life? If there is a family wedding to attend, what if you and your sons could attend in matching 3-piece suits? (Click here for some photo inspiration). That would be a great way of ensuring all the family is dressed smartly, and you never know when a boy’s three-piece suit will come in handy.

The problem is, where do you get a three-piece suit for a young boy? If you check here, we found a place, House of Cavani, that offers a wide variety of boys suits in a range of sizes, styles, and colors, and the best part is that they all match those worn by the dad! Twinning is very in right now, so who wouldn’t want to be wearing the same father and son suits?

Plain, Check and Tweed

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Tweed has recently made something of a comeback in fashion terms (see here) and is now a popular choice for weddings, christenings and other celebrations as it provides a look that is different to the norm. The ‘country look’ style the tweed provides is very much in vogue at the moment, especially with men, so why not invest in a tweed suit for you, and a matching one for your son if you have a country wedding or occasion to attend?

If tweed is not your thing, what about a nice check pattern? This can make all the difference in the fashion stakes and presents an image that is very of the moment and stylish, too. There are plenty of color options, so you’ll be certain to find a three-piece suit that your son likes.

If plain is your choice, and very often a plain suit is the best option as it is a very versatile outfit, then you will find blue, brown, beige, black and grey, both double and single-breasted suits for every occasion. These are usually the best plain colors to go for as they’re in the neutral spectrum.

Classy and Elegant

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If your son is initially not impressed with the idea of having to wear a suit, show him some of the options, and he’ll soon come around. He can be like dad and look classy and elegant when showing off at the party or gathering, and that will surely give him the inspiration to try one on!

With a choice of single, two or three-button jackets coupled with very classy, superbly designed and made waistcoats and trousers that are the perfect fit, a boys three-piece suit is something that every young man should have in his wardrobe, just for those special occasions when one is the desired attire!

We also think that boys suits are suitable for church wear – especially the more understated colors and designs – so your son can rest assured he has his Sunday Best for when he needs it!

If a full suit is not his thing, though, why not choose a blazer? For when a full suit is a bit too much, plus accessories such as ties or bow ties might be annoying, your boy might be happier in just a jacket. They’re much easier to wear and would look just as dapper!