10 biggest Online Lottery Winners in Europe so Far

Image source: insider.com

Despite having numerous new games, the lottery remains the most popular one. It is the opportunity to try your luck and do it very easily. There have been numerous winnings, but some winners were luckier than others. The EuroMillions lottery is the biggest one in Europe and it welcomes players from numerous European countries to participate. It has existed for the last 16 years and players love it because they can take almost the entire winnings home. Here are the luckiest winners in Europe.

Chris and Colin Weir – £161.1 million

Image source: thescottishsun.co.uk

This is a couple that has been married for 30 years and became famous for winning the biggest jackpot so far. They were leading completely ordinary lives – Colleen is a psychiatric nurse and Chris is a TV cameraman. Who would have thought that their lives could turn upside down in a second? They played the lottery and won this enormous prize on the 12th of July, back in 2012. They invested their huge fortune on new cars and a mansion, but didn’t forget their friends either – they made sure that everyone gets a piece.

Gillian and Adrian Bayford – £148.7 million

This is a couple who had their fair share of tough times, but their lives suddenly turned for the better when they won almost 150 million pounds only by playing the lottery. August 10th, 2012 was their lucky day when their names were put on the world map of the greatest lottery winnings all time. They promised they will give the money back to all the friends that helped them through tough times and we are sure that they kept their promise. They were definitely not in a situation that they need help from others anymore, so giving back and helping others is certainly a way to redeem themselves.

70 members syndicate – €117.7 million

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Back in 2010, on October 30th, a precedent happened when, for the first time in history, the lottery prize of staggering €177.7 million was won by 70 people and split into equal shares. Each member got its part – €2.5 million. It happened in Milan, Italy and it was truly the talk of the town. It was very unusual, inspiring and encouraging to see these people share and enjoy their prize.

An anonymous player from the Czech Republic – €90 million

Eurojackpot was very fortunate for the anonymous player from the Czech Republic who had the ticket with all the matching numbers and won the €90 million. That was the new record, bigger than the last one who was set in Finland, back in 2014. The player wanted to remain anonymous and enjoy the prize discreetly. We are sure that the money was used wisely.

Two lottery players from the UK – £66.1 million

Imag esource: abcnews.com

One of the biggest winnings in the history of lottery happened four years ago on January 9th when two players showed their tickets and split £66.1 million in half. They walked away with even shares and we are sure their lives got so much better. It’s a huge amount of money, that is for sure.

Swiss Lotto winners – 70.1 million

Swiss Lotto has probably made the most millionaires so far because 725 people won the highest price. The biggest one occurred on December 17th back in 2016, making it the largest winning in the history of Swiss lotto. The player that got the next biggest jackpot won CHF 48.6 million. The names were not disclosed and even though we would like to know more about them, we are sure they had good reasons for wanting to stay anonymous.

3 jackpot winners from Germany – €45.4 million

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The draws in Germany are organized every Wednesday and Saturday and the player who manages to match drawn numbers is the winner. Back in 2017, three players won the prize of €45.4 million and split it into equal parts. This was the largest winning after the record previously set in 2006 when one ticket holder won the incredible amount – €37.7 million. Interestingly, the names of the winners were not published. The winners from Germany are usually very discreet about their lottery winnings, so there are no interviews or appearances in the media. Well, even though we would love to know more about them, it is completely understandable and we respect their decision to keep it private.

Swedish lottery player – 237.67 million

Players who wish to win the lottery in Sweden need to match seven numbers that are drawn. The biggest winning was recorded back in 2013 when the player from Norrkoping set the records for the greatest winning so far winning more than 237 million.

French lottery winner – €24 million

Image source: moneycrashers.com

So far, this is the record for the biggest winning in the history of French lottery and it was won by one player, the prize was not shared, the entire amount was won by a single player. We can only imagine the happiness! The draw was held nine years ago, on June 6th. The player did not give any interviews and wanted to remain anonymous.

The anonymous player from Spain – €190 MILLION

The lucky draw happened three years ago when the player from Spain bought the ticket and won this astonishing prize. The ticket was bought in Gran Canaria, the popular tourist destination where more than three million tourists come to taste the local life and cuisine.

As you can see, most of the players wanted to remain anonymous. Who can blame them? With so much money in their hands, it is no wonder that they wanted to be discreet and continue living their lives as if nothing happened. One thing is for sure, playing lotto is fun, but it can also be more than profitable. These people are living proof that anything is possible and that luck can change. If you would like to try your luck and play lotto online, visit lotterier.eu for more information.