Increase Your Odds When Betting in Canada


Improved odds, also known as odds boost, have recently exploded in popularity among online gamblers. In cases when your gains would be negligible without these chances, they would significantly boost your payment. If you want to know more about improved odds gambling offers and how to take advantage of them, read on.

Improved Odds: What Does That Mean?

Some sportsbooks provide promotions called “enhanced odds,” in which the chances on certain wagering markets are artificially inflated to attract more customers. Bets from punters who wouldn’t normally wager on sporting events are drawn to those that provide price enhancements.

Bookies have been increasing the odds on specific wagers for years to entice customers to try their luck and earn a profit. You should note that offers to increase your chances are often not permanent, so you should take full advantage of the benefit while you can (Source:

What’s the Catch with Improved Odds?


Enhanced odds, like any other sort of offer, often come with a catch, albeit the nature of that catch may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker.

  • Improved odds are often only provided to new clients at sportsbooks, with old customers being ignored.
  • Most online bookmakers will not allow you to gamble an unlimited amount of money on enhanced odds bets. As a result, your potential gain is reduced.
  • For the most part, boosted odds are not offered in the form of free cash but rather as a free bet that can only be used to make wagers online and cannot be cashed out.

Improved Odds: A User’s Guide

Whether the enhanced odds offer is for football betting or horse racing, taking advantage of it is straightforward. The first thing you need to do is access your sportsbook of choice and locate the markets that have the improved odds promotion. Do your homework, and then put your desired option on the betting slip. Last but not least, place a wager that complies with the promotion’s betting requirements. If you happen to be a winner, the operator will convert your earnings into free bets by multiplying the boosted odds by your wager.

Increased Odds in comparison to Daily Odds Boost

As the terms “increased odds” and “boosted odds” are sometimes used interchangeably, this section will clarify the distinctions between the two.

To begin, new players are often the intended target of higher odds offerings. A common tactic used by operators to attract new customers is to offer them inflated super odds. However, the bookie may go to great lengths to restrict the size of your bet, and you may only be able to put down €1.00. However, with daily odds boost, the operator will increase the odds until a certain amount is paid back, such as 100%.

Different Types Of Odds Boost


There are a variety of odds-improvement promos available. The offer might come in the form of enhanced ACCAs, where the odds are increased only if you wager on a certain mix of betting markets. Bonuses ACCAs have a distinct benefit in that the payoff is almost always quite high. Another way to increase your chances is with a price match. The operator will offer you a better price on the markets than other bookmakers, which is standard practice when betting on horse races. It’s important to keep in mind that bonus odds might come in the form of anything from a daily price increase to a limited-time deal to a welcome bonus. The structure of the odds enhancements, however, will often vary for every bookmaker.

Which Bookmakers Offer Enhanced Boosts?

To its customers, several bookmakers throughout the world provide a variety of increased odds betting opportunities. A few bookmakers, however, separate out from the crowd because of their attractive odds and reasonable policies. For this reason, you should research bookies like Betfair, William Hill, and Betway. And don’t forget 888sport. The sportsbook is well-known for offering competitive odds on a variety of sports. To make sure you meet the requirements for these promotions, however, you should read the fine print of the improved odds before making any decisions.

Tips & Techniques for Making the Most of Increased Odds & Price Boosts

In comparison to standard odds, the price boost and enhanced odds that bookmakers provide to their customers result in far larger payouts. To take full advantage of even the greatest improved odds offerings, though, you need just follow a few simple guidelines. So far, here are some of the recommendations we have for you:

Welcome Offer


Improved chances are always something to consider, as you should know by now. Thus, after signing up for an account, check that you do in fact qualify to take advantage of the bonuses offered. Be aware, however, that the operator has restrictions on how much may be wagered on boosted odds before you choose to take advantage of the offer.

Finding Bookmakers That Offer Daily Odds Boost

You should look for bookies who provide daily odds enhancements. Increase your potential winnings significantly by taking advantage of improved odds on certain markets every day. The sportsbook lobby will include the bookmakers that provide daily odds enhancements.

Think Rationale Enhanced Odds – Correctly Categorizing the Bet’s Likelihood

Some businesses are sneaky about handing out better chances. That’s why it’s important to think carefully about the offers before putting any boosted bets on your bet slip. The likelihood of generating accurate forecasts in light of market conditions is a crucial factor. Those markets on which you are more likely to make a profitable wager should have better odds.

Don’t Ignore Betting Analysis Just Because the Odds Have Grown

Even when the chances are higher, you should always evaluate your wagers. Doing your homework will give you a better understanding of the events, allowing you to make informed wagers. Verify the current form and prior results of both teams before drawing any conclusions.

For Which Sports You Can Expect a Regular Price Boost?


The odds in many sports marketplaces are inflated by bookmakers. Football, however, stands out as the sport where boosted odds promotions are most prevalent. There’s a good possibility you may uncover a price hike associated with a big football game. American sports leagues like the NBA, NHL, and NFL also include routinely raised odds. The only thing you need to do is research the bookmaker that is providing these options. Horse racing and tennis are two more sports that saw price increases, particularly for events originating from major tournaments like the WTA and US Open.

Terms and Conditions Related to Increased Odds

Gambling establishments are aware that customers may take advantage of the better odds. That’s why it’s common for promos to come with a long list of fine print restrictions. Some of the most common phrases connected with improved chances thus far include:


Many bookmakers limit the amount wagered on games with inflated odds. This is done so that the potential for a larger payoff for making the right bets is minimized. Therefore, before placing bets on games with better odds, be sure you know how much you can risk.


In order to protect their inflated prices, some operators refuse service to customers in specific countries. As such, before accepting the offer, you should check to see whether your nation has any restrictions.

Maximum Winnings

The highest amount you may win with the improved odds is often specified by bookmakers that do not impose stake limitations on price increase offerings. This is done so that clients cannot get more than a certain quantity. Unless, of course, the operator is giving out the prizes in the form of free wagers.

New Customers

Some promotions, like increased odds or bonus prices, are meant solely for first-time customers. Please be aware that current clients are not eligible for these better odds.

Select Bets You Are Familiar With


Since there are usually many different wagers to choose from when making a system bet, it’s important to choose the ones that you feel comfortable with. Bets may now be placed with less hassle. Moreover, it will facilitate study. After all, you can’t investigate a topic you know nothing about.

Bottom Line

If you want better chances on certain markets, look at deals offering “improved odds.” Even while the games provide the chance to win extra money, you should know that this is not a guarantee. You may maximize your profit from any price increase promotional offers by following the advice given above on the use of improved odds. However, bettors should strongly consider taking advantage of increased odds. For this reason, you shouldn’t miss out on the promotion and should always take advantage of it while it’s available.