The Most Popular Ways to Bet on Cricket – 2024 Guide

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Betting on sports has been popular since the time of the early Olympics and Roman games. People enjoy predicting the outcome of a game, and along with that, try to make a quick buck. In modern-day sports, betting is done on almost all kinds of sports imaginable. From more popular sports like cricket, football, horse racing, to niche games like darts, arm wrestling, and esports. The popularity of betting has increased exponentially with the introduction of online betting. And with the ability to place wagers on any game of their choice, being played anywhere around the world, sports betting has become a full-time occupation for many. For more details please check Lottabet.

Cricket has long been a favorite sport around the subcontinent, and especially in India. And given the huge popularity of the sport, there are bound to be many potential bettors looking to place bets on the sport. Although betting is considered illegal in India, online betting is allowed under the current law, giving the opportunity to various international bookmakers to take bets online from India. Betway, bet365, and 10cric are considered to be some of the best betting sites in India. They are regulated by the best gaming authorities and have a good track record regarding the protection of financial and personal records of the website users.

Betting on cricket was traditionally done on the outcome of the game. But as the popularity soared, physical bookmakers and online betting sites now offer a variety of in-game options to place bets on. Also, with the introduction of the smallest format of the game, the T20, and subsequently the cricket league tournaments, the demand for various betting options has grown manifold.

Here are some of the different ways in which you can place bets on a game of cricket. For more details on the best betting sites in India, you can check out

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A bettor can place bets on the outcome of the toss at the beginning of a match. They simply have to guess which team will win the toss. The odds offered are typically 10/11, rather than even money, giving the bookmaker a guaranteed profit.

An extra element can be added to this by predicting whether the toss-winning captain will elect to bowl first or bat first. In such bets, the bettor has to get both the aspects of the bet right in order to receive the pay-out.

Odd or even runs

The bettor has to guess if a team’s total score will be an odd number or an even number. For this type of bet, scores ending in 0 are usually considered to be an even score. Again, though this might seem to be an even-money bet, the odds are typically 10/11.

Match scores

This type of bet is placed on the final total scored by a team during the match. Rather than predicting the exact total, the bettor can predict the score within a range. For example, rather than predicting that a team will score 274 runs, the bettor can place a bet giving a range of 270-280 runs. The odds of such bets are usually very attractive.

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Over/Under scores

In this bet, the player has to predict the total number of runs scored during a match, i.e. both teams combined. The objective is to predict whether the total will be above or below a certain predetermined figure. The odds usually are very close to even money.

Top scoring batsman

The objective is to guess which batsman from a particular team will score the highest number of runs. The bet could be for a match or the entire series.

Top bowler

Like the top batsman, the player has to predict which bowler will take the highest number of wickets in a match or a series.

PowerPlay scores

The bettor has to predict the number of runs scored during the PowerPlay of a t20 or a one day international.

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These are some of the most attractive bets out there but they are not strictly for beginners. Yes, you could bet on them but we think these bets are better left to the more experienced bettors.

An accumulator is a kind of multiple bet. That means there are many selections that have to come in for you to get paid. In most accumulators, you need to get every single selection right, although in others you can afford to get one wrong and still get paid.

The advantage of this bet is the spectacular return it offers bettors. The likelihood of you getting more than 2 or 3 or 5 bets right is slim and so the bookmaker can offer you some truly astronomical odds.

If you are smart, you can turn a small stake into a massive return.

Build your own bet!

If you have ever looked at the betting markets available for a match and been disappointed, just build your own bet. Some of the leading bookmakers in the world like Betway and Bet365 allow their users to suggest bets and then offer them odds to bet on the same.

It is an extremely user-friendly feature that we love. Just tweet out your bet to Betway or another bookmaker that offers a similar function and wait for them to build you a betting market.

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These are some of the common types of bets which you can place on a cricket match. Bookmakers offer other innovative types of bets too, like runs of the next ball, mode of dismissal for the next wicket, individual player performances, etc. in order to attract more punters. The introduction of such dynamic and in-game betting options have made betting on cricket even more exciting.

Cricket betting is growing exponentially around the world. A large reason for that is that the high-speed internet revolution is just happening in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

This is where the bulk of cricket fans around the world live. It is also where betting is currently largely offline and illegal. We have no doubt that the growth of people that use legitimate means of betting in a safe and fair environment is going to continue at rocket speed!