Top 7 Best Sports Video Games of all Time

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Because of what’s happening worldwide with the coronavirus, most sports games and events have been on hold for months now. This made a lot of die-hard fans mad and upset. Are you one of them as well? However, this doesn’t have to mean that you cannot enjoy your favorite sports games. Luckily there are so many casino sites like that will allow you to have fun and bet on virtual sports, as well as some interesting sports video games from the comfort of your home!

These games are simulations of the real sports, which gives you the same great excitement that you would expect to get from an actual match. Below, we will list just some of the best video games that you should consider playing. These were well-loved and highly played back in the day, how many of them do you remember even to this day?!

Top 7 Best Sports Video Games That You Probably Played At One Point

1. NFL Blitz

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NFL has been around since 1997 and it is a fun game that can also be entertaining. At first, this game was released as an arcade game. Years later it became popular and well-played on consuls such as Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64.

Most players enjoyed the fact that when they were on defense, they could hit their opponent soon after the whistle. Years ago Kordell Stewart who was the Pittsburg Steelers quarterback, was the cover athlete. At that time, he was one of the most loved NFL players and so, it came as no surprise when he was featured in this game. That’s what high payout online casino players want in their games nowadays!

2. MVP Baseball 2005

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There is no denying the fact that this game was well ahead of its time. It was a must-play for most baseball players at that time, and it was very loved by teens and youngsters in the early 2000s. People loved how the pitching meter was relatively easy, while at the same time allowing players to pick their chosen locations quite easily, as well as control the velocity. In time developers have improved their graphics, which made the game even more popular as well as well-loved worldwide.

3. Punch-Out

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Punch-Out came out in 1987. The game was so popular because it featured a well-known boxing professional, such as Mike Tyson in the main round. He was the final boss which people struggled to beat for quite some time. The game was so loved and praised by everyone (including women) and it is a classic that you should play at least once in your lifetime. In fact, this game was voted as the 6th best NES Game of all time, believe it or not!

4. Tecmo Super Bowl

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Super Bowl was released in 1991 for Nintendo. It was a game where you would play with characters such as Bo Jackson, as well as Lawrence Taylor, alongside with Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham! People who loved Super Bowl had so much fun playing this on their Nintendo consuls. The game was mostly played by US players who were true Super bowl fanatics.

5. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater II

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Introduced in 2000, this game was a must-play for skaters and outdoor people! This game has had success and it was the highest-rated game of all time back in its day. Players loved that they were able to create a skater park and customize everything per their will. It also had a unique soundtrack which was so catchy that it would make you play the game for hours, without even realizing it! It was quite hypnotic in one way.

6. NBA Steet Volume II

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Released in 2003, this game was so much fun for all the basketball players. We had to include at least one basketball game to our list, and we chose this one! Men and women loved the ”Be a legend” mode, where they were allowed to create ballers and compete against true superstars. If you were a fan of highly interactive games, this one had to be on your list. The gameplay was so much fun, and the game was silly and has had an amazing sense of humor, which others found refreshing.

7. SSX

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Last, but not least, this game was well-loved and super popular among snowboarders. SSX features different mountains that were built thanks to the NASA topographical data. The game had more than 150 death-defying drops, which allowed the players to explore and enjoy the game in their own way. From time to time you’d also encounter an avalanche, so players would have to race for life in the game, literally. If you were into hectic and time-constrained games, this might have been your jam!

Ready to have some fun in an old-school way?

So, are you ready to play one of these top 7 amazing sports video games? Which one used to be your favorite back in the day? Let us know if you’re playing one of these oldies but goodies even to this day, and let us know which one has been your favorite! If not, embrace the nostalgia and have fun through some online sites, at casinos, or dig out your old Nintendo and enjoy your games! Play with your closest friends or family and try to relax. Relief yourself from stress, and be the best!