Best Retractable Screen Doors In 2024

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Retractable screen doors come in various shapes for different purposes and choosing the right one for your home can be puzzling at best. With so many models on the market, it can be difficult to select the door that fits both your needs and your budget.

One of the most important functions of retractable screen doors is that they protect your house from insects and even some flying debris. You can even get heavy-duty models that offer real physical protection, but that is a topic for another time. For now, we will focus on traditional screen doors.

Retractable screen doors are very practical and usually easy to install. The screen can be retracted into the housing to allow the use of a doorway. The housing is usually on top or on the side, depending on the model.  Once not in use or out of season, you can even dismount them, as most units are held in place by just a couple of screws. Most models are designed in a way that doesn’t appear obtrusive once mounted on your doorway.

Opposed to fixed screen, retractable ones have several distinct advantages. They are easier to maintain and keep clean because you can retract them into the housing unit and out of the elements. This is also the reason why they usually outlive fixed screens. You don’t have to worry about loud banging noises with retractable screens and there is very little, if any, maintenance. Retractable screens are both functional and decorative and look far more elegant than fixed ones – check this out if you want to read some great reviews about retractable doors.

1. ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen For 80 In. Inswing Hinged Doors

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This model is specifically made for 32 inches to 36-inch inswing hinged doorways. The standard size eliminates the need for any cutting on-site and the whole unit can be installed with just a power drill and a screwdriver, making them perfect afternoon project for DIY-oriented homeowners. The retraction is automatic, at the press of a button, and the movement is very smooth. The screen retracts side to side and the whole things weigh just two pounds, so you won’t need anyone helping you with the installation. They only come in white, but that color goes with almost anything.

2. Casper Retractable Double Door Screen

One of the largest models on our list, Casper Retractable Double Door Screen can be extended to cover 100 inches by 100-inch doorway. It comes with rubberized magnetic closures and can be used on both in and out-swinging doors. The retracting systems operate smoothly, without too much noise. The installation process is pretty straightforward and the unit comes with a detailed installation manual.

3. Greenweb Retractable Screen Door For Bedroom

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Greenweb Retractable Screen Door is mounted on an aluminum or plastic frame which opens side to side, making them great for doorways you use often during the day. Since the frame is made from non-corrosive materials, you don’t have to worry about the rust ruining them anytime soon. The entire unit is 85 pounds, so the model is quite robust. They are easy to install and you don’t need any specialist knowledge to do it, just follow the instructions. They only come in white color, so that can be a downside for some people.

4. Laurence ES88BRZ CRL Bronze 84” Euro Kit

This model features easy-glide opening and closing motion, making them perfect for elderly and kids. The fitting is highly versatile, allowing them to be used almost everywhere. It can be fitted on either left or right-handed doors. They are marketed as wind-resistant, so they can be used in regions with high winds. The fittings are aluminum, so there will no corrosion to worry about. One of the best things about these doors is that the screen is packed in a cartridge that can be replaced if torn. Handle height can be adjusted for the best fit. This feature is very useful if someone in wheelchairs has to use them.

5. Pull-Down Retractable Screen Door 25” Black

This model is one of the simplest one to use we have on our list. It is lowered by stepping on the bar, so you don’t have to bend over every time you want to use them. It features a clutch system for smooth retraction that can be adjusted. The door is easy to install, all it takes are just four wood screws. This means they are also easy to remove once out of the season or if you have some bad weather coming and you want to protect them. They come in standard sizes, either single or double door, so there is no cutting or adjusting involved when installing. The downside is that you can’t use it if you have a door that is custom made. Also, you have to retract them in order to use the doorway, which can be tedious at times.

6. Larson E100033981 White SGL

This model is praised by the users for its durability and quality of the finish. It only comes in white color. It is mounted on top of the doorway and features easily controlled and smooth motion. The screen moves up and down, which may be inconvenient at times, but for narrow doorways, it is often the only solution. The entire unit weighs 13 pounds.

7. CRL 98” White Kits

This model is similar to the one made by R. Laurence but designed specifically for wide French doors. The opening can be up to 38 inches and it can be fitted on both in and out-swinging doors. The model is made of aluminum, and the screen is fiberglass wire. The cartridge containing the scree can be replaced easily in case it gets damaged or worn out. One of the best features is that this model can be mounted on either inside or outside of the doorway, so it is very flexible. It can be cut to size during the installation on site.