6 Best Prank Apps of 2024

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Are you tired of playing the same old practical jokes and want to try something new and exciting on your friends? Prank Apps have taken the wacky world of pranks by storm, offering unique benefits and features that usual pranks can’t hope to match.

You must be aware of various apps that you can use to prank people. In this article, we will tell you about our top Prank Apps of 2024 that you will blow your mind.

Below we have compiled a shortlist of our favorite prank apps 2024:

  • Scare Your Friends- JOKE!

Want to play a scary prank to frighten the living daylights out of your unsuspecting friends? With the Scare Your Friends- JOKE! app, you won’t need to wait until Halloween to do so.

Offering the best jump scare pranks around this app gets the job done with no fuss and is easy to use. So how does it work? You’ll have access to a gallery of different horror sound effects and spooky pictures where you can mix and match them. Combine your favorites to get the scariest combination imaginable.

Once you have selected your ideal horror couple, choose the time you wish the scary dual to pop up on your phone. At this point, lend your phone to a friend making sure their attention is on it the entire time. Whether they’re watching a youtube video or looking at your favorite cat pictures, the prank will suddenly pop-up regardless.

  • Ownage Pranks

If you love the Ownage Pranks youtube channel, you’re going to love their app even more as it’ll be you taking part in the fun.

This prank calling app boasts over 100 prerecorded calls automated to send once you make the prank call, with each prank script being hilariously scripted and predominately by Russell Johnson himself.

All prank scenarios offer something different applicable in everyday situations- a pizza delivery driver insisting you ordered a massive stack of pizzas or a neighbor demanding for your Wifi password.

For users wishing to find prank scripts more efficiently, browse through their prank categories on the OwnagePranks website to find the one specific to your target, types include Dating & Love, Family, Top Performing, and many more!

To prevent your friends from catching on that it’s an automated call, the apps built-in ‘Speech recognition technology’ AI can analyze dialogue in real-time by recognizing keywords. Prerecordings, as a result, can respond like a real person would during a prank call.

Prank calls are also recorded so you can listen again afterward, and for further hysterics, you can also submit your best ones to the Pranks Hall of Fame to be featured.

  • Voice Changer Plus

If prank calling isn’t your forte and you find yourself fumbling over the right words to say, then you might want to consider a good voice changing app to transform how you sound altogether.

Voice Changer Plus has among the largest selection of sound and background effects, offering a staggering 55 options overall!

This app provides a wide range of amazing effects that can instantly set the mood- Want the prank call intended to make your crush laugh hysterically right from the start? Select the robot sound effect.

If instead, you want to spook them out completely, ring at midnight using the Haunting sound effect. You’ll also be able to play your voice backward or sing a song with Bad Melody or Bad Harmony.

To apply these sound modifications, you’ll be required to make a recording initially, begin by pressing the record icon to speak and release once you’re satisfied. Afterward, you’ll be able to apply any of the dozens of sound effects available, even using several at the same time. Recordings can also be trimmed; in case it overruns.

  • Fake Call Plus- Prank Dial App

A tremendous fake call app can be extremely beneficial in ordinary day to day situations as you can fabricate any prank scenario with a valid excuse on hand.

This app lets users schedule a fake incoming call instantly, making it the perfect escape tool for leaving awkward situations. For example, if you’re stranded in a boring work meeting, use the app to make a call to yourself. After pretending to engage in the call, quickly inform your colleagues you’re needed elsewhere.

Talking during incoming calls doesn’t have to be awkward or robotic as the app allows you to load personal audio files, which can be played during calls. This neat little feature helps conversations run smoothly, avoiding suspicion from others. The timing of the call received can also be delayed, from 1 minute to an hour, until your phone rings.

App customization is impressive, enabling users to create individual fake callers. Each one can be designated a phony name, contact number, and picture. So at your fingertips, you could have a large group of counterfeit callers ringing you throughout the day, perfect for deceiving others.

  • Crack Your Screen

With the help of this app, you can make your smartphone’s screen appear as broken. After installing this app, the screen will appear broken only by shaking the phone once. You can also set the pattern in which you want your phone’s screen to look cracked. As soon as you turn on the app, it will make the screen look wholly broken, with its display light turned off.

With the help of this app, features like crack on shake, crack on touch, and auto crack timer can also be applied. The best part is that no ad appears on the broken screen, and your prank will become fool-proof. If you also want to download this app, then it is necessary for your smartphone to have Android 2.2 or above operating system.

  • Dude, your car app

This app is as fun as shocking it is. It is designed for Android users only. You can use this app to prank your friends and make them believe that your car has met with an accident. To use it, you need first to upload a photo of a car or any other vehicle that you own.

After that edit, the picture with the help of Photoshop features present in this app. In this, you can create photos that will make it look like you were engaged in a car accident.