10 Best Paradise Beaches Where you can Enjoy the Summer – 2024 Guide

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Who has ever wanted to lose yourself on a paradise island where all have to do is dive, sunbathe, and take a dip?

We have all heard of the wonderful beaches of Cancun or Punta Cana, but it should not be forgotten that they are not the only ones. There are many lost exotic destinations in the world that would offer you the vacation of a lifetime. If you want to enjoy a dream summer and you don’t have your holidays planned already, see the best all-inclusive resorts in Voyage Privé.

Mallorca, Spain

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Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and famous for its turquoise blue waters and secret coves. One of the island’s best secrets is the town on the picturesque coast of Deià, known only to locals. The charming city sits on a hill and has one of the most beautiful views over the Mediterranean.

Palawan, Filipinas

Palawan is a totally different island. Its elongated figure houses exotic wildlife and beautiful fishing villages that are a great attraction for tourists.

Among the best-known places in Palawan is El Nido, one of the most famous beaches for its crystal clear waters and soft sand. In front of this place is the Bacuit archipelago, one of the area’s greatest attractions; And the Sabang Underground River. Other attractions that you can visit are Puerto Princesa and Port Barton, where you can learn more about the life of this country and its day-to-day dynamics.

If you are tired of visits to the busy areas of the island, do not hesitate to relax for a while on the beach of Occam Occam, what makes it special is that not many know it; therefore they will be able to spend a quiet moment away from the Crowds.

Holbox Island, Mexico

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We all know that when speaking of beaches, Mexico is definitely one of those with the best and also many paradisiacal destinations; Holbox is one of them. This is a destination that will delight the bride and groom looking for a few days of relaxation and peace due to its beautiful white sand beaches and blue sea. In addition, its boutique hotels will make your stay intimate and romantic.

Among the main attractions of the island are swimming with whale sharks and visits to the Yalahau waterhole, an exclusive place for nature admirers. Its delicious gastronomy, unique beaches, and nature will make you have a dream honeymoon.

Maldives Island

The accommodation options on the islands are varied, but what they certainly cannot miss is enjoying your room in a bungalow on the sea and romantic candlelit dinners on the beach or on a nearby islet. If you are looking for more privacy and romance, you can go to much smaller and more exclusive islands to have almost complete solitude. As suggested by exeptionalvillas.com, most of them have luxury and extravagance services, and let’s not forget the romantic sunsets they will see and what better way to enjoy them with the person they love the most.

Seychelles, East Africa

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This is an idyllic and quiet place. Surely, the island of La Digue is the most famous since it is the epicenter of the archipelago. Many advertisements have been recorded on its paradisiacal beaches that appear behind coconut and palm forests.

Naxos, Greece

Naxos is probably the complete island in the Cyclades. Everything one expects to find when visiting the Greek islands is there: lots of suns, delicious Mediterranean food, beautiful beaches, traditional villages and, something that no other islands have, the best-preserved archaeological remains in the archipelago. As if all this were not enough, Naxos is also one of the cheapest islands.

Santorini, Greece

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Probably the most iconic Greek island in the world. Its idyllic views, its magical sunsets, and its charming houses and churches make Santorini a dream place that you have to see at some point in your life.

The Santorini archipelago lies to the south of the Aegean Sea and is characterized by its caldera shape, the result of the volcanic eruption thousands of centuries ago.

Beyond the famous views and pools at the edge of the cliffs, Santorini offers much from an archaeological and cultural point of view. A unique island in the world, shaped like a crescent, which has the most spectacular panoramic views you have ever seen.

Maui, Hawaii

When thinking of Hawaii definitely, the first images that come to mind are amazing landscapes and wonderful nature. Maui is one of the many dream islands in Hawaii. Most of the hotels are located in the west, and here you will have access to endless beaches such as Kaanapali, one of the most beautiful in America, or also Launiopoko beach.

If you want to tour for a while and try a little of the wonderful Hawaiian culture, you can stroll through Lahaina, the main town in the area. Here you will find very attractive shops and a wide variety of art galleries.

Lake Garda, Italy

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Lake Garda is the largest of the Italian lakes and one of the main tourist centers in northern Italy.

Unlike the rest of the peaceful lakes, Lake Garda is a lively place full of tourists, both Italian and foreign.

Lake Garda is surrounded by small and charming towns that usually function as summer resorts, among which the small town of Sirmione stands out.

St Julian’s, Malta

The bays located in St Julian’s will allow you to enjoy a relaxed and calm day of the sun, but they also have various nautical activities in case you get excited during the morning.

Balluta Bay is the beach that connects Sliema with St Julian’s. It is a very calm beach that has several nautical activities.

St. George’s Bay is a man-made beach that has been redesigned and is the first man-made beach in Malta.

Spinola Bay is the beach that follows Balluta Bay and on its promenade you can find many bars and restaurants to enjoy an excellent and restorative meal.