Best Office Chair Under $200

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A good office chair is very important when you spend long hours in front of a computer or behind a desk. An uncomfortable chair can have negative effects on your body in the long run. It is scientifically proven that people who are comfortable in a chair will do their job better.

You have to have in mind that $200 is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to good office chairs. However, you can still find some good quality office chairs under $200 if you know where to look , and this list of best office chairs under $200 will definitely help you with that.


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The first chair on this list which cots under $200 are the 100MC.  It features a mesh backrest that provides support through your mid to upper back. The mesh is not of high quality, but it’s breathable and will keep you cool while working. This chair is the only one on this list that features an adjustable lumbar support system. That means you can adjust the height to ensure that you have good lower back support.

The 100MC has a fancy mechanism and is very adjustable for a chair that costs less than $200. It has a synchro-tilt mechanism that has tension adjustment and features five different lockable positions. Because of its smooth reclining motion, you can adjust how you want to sit while working.

This chair is equipped with height and width adjustable arms which enable them to accommodate different typing positions. The seat, although stiff, features a lot of padding.  It is supportive for long hours, but it’s not recommended if you want to sit comfortably while playing a video game or watching a movie. BTOD 100MC is one of the most popular office chairs under $200.

OFM 1182AA

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The second chair on our list is commonly used by people who spend long hours behind a computer. It is a basic chair which has enough adjustability options to adapt to your preferences. It comes standard with gas lift seat height adjustment, back height adjustment, and back angle adjustment. You have the ability to lock the backrest at any angle and adjust your seating positions. The backrest also features built-in lumbar curve which means that you can take full advantage of the lumbar curve to make the chair as comfortable as you want.

The 1182AA also has height adjustable “T” arms which means that you can keep your elbows in an ergonomic position. There are seven positions to choose from which is especially good for taller people.

Both the seat and the back are heavily padded and upholstered in a stain-resistant fabric that has been tested to exceed 150,000 double rubs. This is far above “commercial grade” standards. You can choose this chair in seven different colors.

Boss B7501

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The Boss B7501 is ideal if you need a high back leather chair under $200. This one does not feature real leather but the synthetic one which makes it easier to clean and maintain. This is your typically cushy leather office chair. It has a 30” high backrest and a 21” wide seat. They are padded with extra thick cushions which allow you to sink right in.

The backrest has thicker padding at the top giving you a nice headrest.  It also has a built-in lumbar support curve which helps to keep you in an ergonomic position throughout your day. The Boss B7501 also features loop arms that are padded and upholstered for extra comfort.

OFM Encore

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The OFM Encore is a nice chair that actually costs less than $150. This chair shares some characteristics with the B7501 but is somewhat downgraded. It has the same functionality, though. It features a gas lift seat height adjustment and a swivel tilt mechanism. It also features tension adjustment and upright position lock. It’s one of the more spacious chairs on this list.

The leather is not real, but the synthetic one helps with the price range. The seat and back have thick padding but an exception was made for the headrest. The backrest on the Encore is also missing a built-in lumbar support curve which makes this chair may not so comfortable on some long sittings. This chair is a great option if you are on a really tight budget because it has most of the features from previous chairs but is less expensive.