What is the Best Month to Buy a Refrigerator – 2024 Guide

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If you have this question, it means you don’t want or need to replace your refrigerator right away. You’re smart, wanting to know the best month to buy a fridge. Because, like other products, “prices are also affected by peak and off-season” according to BreezerFreezer.com.

No matter how much you take care of your appliances, they are all bound to end up in the scrap heap someday. Luckily you can prevent emergency purchases and cut down on the cost by aligning your purchase plans with the sales cycle and customers’ shopping patterns.

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Is it cheaper to buy appliances in a bundle?

It depends, if you are purchasing more than one appliance, for instance, when redoing a kitchen or starting afresh, or even your fridge is busted at the same time as the aging dishwasher and stove, you can save significantly by buying in a bundle. Buying three or appliances at once could fetch you up to 20 percent in discounts.

There are times when buying in a bundle won’t help you much. For instance, when you only need to purchase one or two appliances or when you want to get the best appliance.

Why are fridges so expensive?

There are many reasons why fridges are so expensive. They are so heavy and bulky for starters compared to other kitchen appliances, which means they cost a lot to ship. Fridges also have a lower turnaround than other house appliances. For instance, how many times do you buy a TV compared to a refrigerator?

But most importantly, many things go into manufacturing a fridge, from consumer research to research and development and building and testing different features, which cost quite a lot of money.

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How do I get the best deal on appliances?

According to different consumer researches, the best time to get a sweet deal on a new appliance is May. This is because new models tend to hit the stores in the summer, meaning the previous year’s models have to make way. Most refrigerators are offered on store clearance price during this time, but you can still negotiate this price further down.

Just like any other electronics, the price of a refrigerator is usually at its highest when it is released to the market. But from there, the price will decrease with time until when the next model is released.

Large appliances such as fridges also tend to go on sale during the holiday weekends. So be on the lookout on the days towards the holiday weekend for great deals. You can subscribe to retailers marketing emails or eCommerce sites.

First days of the year

If you miss out on this day, you can try and aim for the new’s early days. January and February are believed to have the most deals on major household appliances. Significant brands also tend to unveil their latest models, and therefore stores will begin to sell their old stocks to create space for the new ones on their floors.

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End month

This might sound counterintuitive because the end month is when everyone has disposable income. But retailers tend to have monthly quotas, and thus they will want you to buy the refrigerator more than you want to. As a result, you will be in the position of power to bargain for a better deal. It is even better if you are buying at a local store because if they refuse to go as low as you want in terms of the price, you can always go to another store or buy online.

Use Coupons?

Another way of getting the best deal on appliances is using the good old coupons or price matching. This is mostly a great option if you can’t wait for May, weekend holidays, or early days of the year.

Many deal websites offer price matching for household appliances you find online or in a physical store, so make sure if you find the same item somewhere for less price, ask so that that price is matched.

However, read the store’s price and match terms and conditions in advance.

Many retail stores also offer customers additional discounts as long as they apply for their credit cards. Also, sometimes appliance repair stores might stock slightly flowed or second-hand refrigerators – but at a discounted price – so be sure to check these out as well. Get in contact with your service guy and see if they have one in stock.

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Plan your purchase

If you want to save on future purchases, research your current fridge’s lifespan so that you have an idea of when the need for a replacement will arise. With this information, you can align your purchase around a significant sale, thus scooping the best deal on a replacement rather than buying a new unit at full-price when your fridge dies.

Don’t wait until your refrigerator is out of commission.

The best time of the day to buy a refrigerator

If you like to shop online, the best time of the day to make a purchase is 3 p.m. and the best day to buy is on Thursday. According to one study, retailers are likely to reduce the prices of their appliances at those times. Also, make sure you compare prices when shopping online for a refrigerator. You can do this by using multiple browsers. For instance, did you know that an appliance deal on Chrome could be priced differently when viewed on Firefox or safari?

Timing matters when shopping for commercial undercounter fridges online. Studies suggest that 3 p.m. on Thursdays is when retailers often offer discounts on appliances. It’s wise to compare prices across different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, as they might reveal varying deals. Stay savvy and find the best value for your undercounter fridge.

The worst time to buy a refrigerator

While it can be tempting to buy the latest model to upgrade your kitchen, the appliance is usually at its highest price when it first debuts in the market. The price will continue to be increased during the first half of the year, after which it will start to go down with each holiday steadily.

Also, avoid purchasing a refrigerator when you are in the most desperate need. This means don’t wait until your fridge is dying to replace it because you will not be able to hold out for sale. You are also most likely to end up buying unfit appliances because you are in a rush to get one.