The Best Men’s Underwear For The Outdoors In 2024

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It is said that shopping for men is easy. Well, it very much holds true, when compared to the complexities involved in women’s shopping. Especially, when it comes to shopping for clothing, women have far too many options and essentials than men. But when it comes to men’s clothing, the only essentials we can think of are Trousers, Shirts, and T-Shirts.

Very occasionally, we include Blazers, Ties, and Jeans. And that’s all! But wait, aren’t underwears a part of essential clothing for men around the globe? Yes, of course, they are!

In fact, as per a survey, it is estimated that the global men’s underwear market will be growing by a huge CAGR of 5.8% by the year 2027! So, as funny as it may sound, it can very much be said that underwear are more important than other pieces of clothing for men.

So, in this article, we will be discussing how to choose the best men’s underwear for the outdoors. But first, don’t you think we should take a trip down the varieties of underwear actually available for men? So, here are the top 4 varieties:

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  1. Briefs

Making it to the top of our list are Briefs! The best everyday choice of underwear, the majority of men own at least a pair or two of these at all times. And why not? They are super comfortable, allow proper breathability, and come in many varieties. Low, medium, and high-rise cuts – you ask and it’s available!

  1. Boxers

A Boxer is an extremely popular option when it comes to underwear for men. It can most likely be called a ‘mid-rise brief’, because Boxers were just an up-gradation of Briefs. Since they offer full-coverage and are made of soft fabric like cotton, Boxers are the best choice for sportsmen. And not to forget, the many varieties they are available in!

  1. Trunks

We bet there are no men out there who haven’t worn a trunk – it’s that popular! Especially when the scorching, hot summers hit in, a trunk becomes a man’s best friend. Trunks are similar to Boxers, the only difference being their quality. Trunks are made up of super-light fabric which makes it an awesome choice for summers, unlike Boxers.

  1. Jockstraps

If you haven’t tried a Jockstrap before, you must do it now. Especially if you’re a sportsman involved in games like Cricket or Golf, Jockstraps are made for you. They are specially designed underwear for sportsmen, which offers protection. Again, they are also available in a stunning range of varieties, depending on the type of athlete you are.

Now, let us see what are the main factors we must keep in mind before selecting outdoor underwear for men:

  1. Comfort should be the top priority

Choosing underwear for a regular day is not a lot of hassle. But when it comes to outdoor occasions like hiking or rock climbing, you must never choose your skivvies mindlessly. Choosing the underwear that is the most comfortable one should be your priority because it has a great impact on your overall outdoor experience.

And come on, no one wants to go on adventure sports like hiking wearing super uncomfortable underwear that keep you focused down there. So, the first and the most important thing to keep in mind – comfort, comfort, and more comfort!

  1. Choose the underwear that allows breathability

This is pretty much of a self-explanatory point, but still. Breathability is again a factor that cannot be dismissed, especially when we are talking of something as important as underwear.

For health concerns and basic hygiene, it is crucial that you pick those types of underwears which lets the air pass through. For this, it is always suggested to go for light fabric underwear like cotton or nylon.

  1. Go for the one that is lightweight and sweat-wicking

Choosing underwear for a normal day in your air-conditioned office is easy-peasy. But for outdoor activities, it becomes necessary to wear underwear that is extremely lightweight and seeps in the moisture.

Activities like hiking and rock climbing do not just drain out extreme energy, but it also lets out sweat. So, if you wear underwear that does not soak the sweat, you are most likely to suffer from intimate health issues in the future. So, make it a point to buy underwear from which are lightweight and sweat-wicking.

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  1. Odor-free is necessary

One of the most underrated factors when it comes to choosing underwear for the outdoors! Many times, the only factors that we remember to consider are comfort, breathability, and style. But, choosing underwear whose fabric allows the odor to diminish is quite a necessity for obvious reasons.

You already know how sweat-discharging the whole hiking thing is. And it’s no news that with sweat comes odor, rather a foul one. Now, the odor is not just awful to the nose but to the health of that area as well. It causes problems like skin infections and rashes. So, choose a fabric that is odor-free like cotton, rayon, spandex, or nylon.

  1. Pick the most durable one

Last but never least, this list will certainly be incomplete if we do not mention just how necessary it is to choose underwear that is durable, especially for outdoor purposes. Outdoor means uncertainties, and there is no doubt about it. Especially when you go for extreme adventure sports like hiking and all, you never know when you might land in an awkward situation.

So, it is always better to make sure in advance that the underwear you are picking is durable and can be used while experiencing outdoor activities. Otherwise, you might feel the need for new underwear in the middle of a hiking course, which you probably do not want.

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Over to you…

Normally, choosing underwear for men is easy. But when it comes to choosing one for the outdoors, there are a lot of things that you just cannot miss. Here, we listed the factors to keep in mind while choosing the best men’s underwear for the outdoors. Give this article a good read, the next time you go for purchasing one.