Choosing the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone – 2024 Guide

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How many times did you see a celebrity with a gorgeous hairstyle thinking that it would look perfect on you? Many, I’m sure, as we all have. And how many times did you walk out of the salon disappointed? Too many. The problem might be your skin tone. Not every hair color is suitable for every skin tone. In order to stop experimenting and finally find that perfect shade that fits your skin too, we made a list of matching skin tones and hair colors.

What is my skin tone?

Try Curlyme colorful human hair wigs to find the best suitable hair color for your skin tone. Before settling on your new hair color, you should figure out your skin tone. It takes a few seconds to determine this by applying a simple so-called “wrist-test”.

Take a closer look at the color of your veins. If they are blue in color then you belong to the group of people with cool skin. Yellow and green veins allude to a warm skin tone. It’s a super-simple way to cover your basis first prior to grabbing that dye box. For a detailed chart regarding skin tones check out Kalista Salon.

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Age Matters

One of the most sensitive topics among women is their age, but when it comes to choosing the best hair color it’s necessary to consider your age too. Once you hit a certain age some hair colors are not going to complement your look. Very dark colors, like espresso and cocoa, will emphasize every little wrinkle on your face and sagging skin below your chin. Instead, try using warmer tones like amber and caramel.

Maintaining a Healthy Hair

Dying your hair is not always a good choice. If you never colored it before, then you have a perfect canvass. However, if your hair is already stripped of its natural pigment by the excessive dying you should consider giving it a break and use that time to try to recover its natural shine. In case you have split ends, or your hair is hoarse to the touch, you can go from lighter to darker shades, not the other way around. To go lighter means bleaching it, which can even lead to some streaks falling off. Therefore, before deciding on the color, make sure that your hair is healthy enough to stand the changes. If you need more help with health of your hair be sure to check Kiierr.


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Women with cool skin tones will look their best wearing ash, platinum, and silver-blonde shades. A pinch of blue in these colors goes well with the rosiness of their skin. The perfect example is the most iconic platinum blond, Marilyn Monroe, and more recently Gwen Stefani. Remember to use purple shampoo and conditioner to prevent these shades to turn yellowish over time. For women with fair skin with a few blue undertones, the best choice would be blond shades like gold, honey, and caramel colors. These hues would also complement women with olive and neutral skin tones.


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Fair or deep skin tone, if you are blessed with yellow undertones, your best choice to brighten up your face complexion would be chestnut, dark chocolate, mocha, and dark auburn. It also makes a perfect match with warm undertones as well. Medium skinned women with warm skin tones will look their greatest wearing golden brown or mahogany colors. There is some prejudice attached to this shade as being boring, and as a result, we see women with natural warm brown hair dye it blonde, or even platinum blonde, in an effort to stand out.  This is not going to complement your skin complexion, ladies. Besides, there is no such thing as a boring color, only boring people!


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Cool red tones generally look good on women with cool, pale, and fair skin tones. Auburn and burgundy, as well as fire red, is considered to be a perfect match for people with porcelain complexions. Red can be a tricky color to wear since it will emphasize your skin face, including all of its imperfections. Also, it’s usually recommended to wear at least a foundation if not the full make-up, since it can also make your face look undesirably pale.

Warm red is made for women who are blessed with a neutral skin tone. Strawberry and copper-red will complement fair-skinned ladies, too. There is a downside to dying your hair red – you should avoid washing it frequently as it tends to wash off easily changing the shade every time. To prevent this at least to some degree you should always use shampoo for color-treated hair.


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Dark shades like licorice and true black are the most suitable for women with deep skin tone. Even the unorthodox blue-black color goes well with their skin complexion. Furthermore, ladies with fair and olive skin can experiment with these colors too, especially the ones with the pinch of yellow shades. Women with fair and medium skin will look amazing with beautiful cocoa and brown-black tones. Females with deep skin can dye their hair in these shades as well. Besides looking amazing these are very thankful shades as far as maintenance since it barely washes off and you don’t need to use any specialized shampoos or conditioners.

Radical Hair Colors

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This is where you are free to play with all colors of the rainbow. Creativity and open-minded message are the focal points. Still, there are some general rules based on your skin tone that you might want to follow. If your skin tone is cool then you should go with warmer colors like yellow, pink, or orange. Deep-skinned ladies would be better off with dying their hair in darker colors like dark blue and purple. Unfortunately, these crazy shades don’t last long, as they wash away rapidly. Unconventional colors are usually geared towards making a statement rather than be a permanent shade choice.

Love to Slay allows you to try out makeup samples for free, another great way to experiment with color.

Whichever color you end up using for your new hairdo, there is one more than that you should consider that’s more important than shades and tones. Your personality. Strong, independent women can carry out just about any hair color because they do not allow to be defined by it. Your hair color should match you, not the other way around. If you feel that a certain color matches your character, go for it!