The best games to play in pairs on consoles


It’s much more interesting to play on Xbox or PS with your friend or girlfriend, isn’t it? Some exciting games together, on one screen, compete to compete! But what games can be played together? So now we break down the most popular games for the most popular game consoles.

The nominees in the ranking have an exciting story, and the multiplayer is above reproach. We picked the games best for a fun company. This list will not contain slots games online because they can not be played together, but you can check bollywood-casino to discover more.

These titles will brighten up your leisure time!

Star Wars Battlefront

You weren’t wrong when you read the title. It is an actual Star Wars Battlefront game. Very pleased with the graphics. Battlefront looks so believable and museum-like, thanks to photogrammetry – the technology in which natural objects are shot primarily on the camera and then transferred to the three-dimensional models. That’s what makes the gameplay very realistic.

NBA 2k23


At the moment, in basketball simulators and the leader is NBA 2k23. Beautiful graphics, real names of all the players, real teams, and the most famous basketball courts. Fight with your friend, win championship titles, and practice. The new version of the game lets you control famous people, like Barack Obama! Yes, he likes basketball, too.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Many people have been waiting for this game and hoping for something extraordinary. And so it happened.

Main innovations:

  • in this game, the plot unfolds on a cosmic scale;
  • Awesome character development;
  • decent graphics.

The main feature is the ability to take the company for two on one screen. Enlist the support of a comrade who can cover you from the back and sort out the villains.

Plants vs. Zombies: The Move for Neighborville.


You can take what you like in this legendary game and multiply it by two! The leitmotif has become the unofficial motto of the developers of the new part of PvZ. And the first thing that strikes is the vast amount of content and locations while playing with the “computer.” Players must fight in three places at once, both zombies and warlike plants.

Other features of this game:

  • Impressive boss battles. Each boss has a series of special moves, which it skillfully uses against the player.
  • Increased customization space. You can customize the most delicate image details: shoes and accessories. And it all affects combat capabilities.
  • Battle Arena. A unique mode created for two teams of 4 gamers. The one that wins in 4 rounds out of 7. Nothing gets done here. In the event of the game “death,” you can choose the same character again.
  • Split Screen. Turn on split screen mode if you want to play with a friend from the same console. Then the monitor will be divided into two, and each player can safely play, helping his “neighbor.”

We can safely say that Plants vs. Zombies has finally moved from the genre of “strategy” to the third-person shooter. However, judging by how many players have, this risky decision is fully justified. Also, there is a well-implemented system of rewards by analogy with casinos with bonuses and similar attractions.



EA SPORTS continues to surprise with simulation games. This time, the mixed martial arts game showcases upgrades to help the gamer genuinely feel like an MMA fighter. In addition, thanks to the Ultimate Fighting Championship license, the game will regularly pull in the freshest international fighters.

Among the features of Series 4 are four parts:

  1. Variety of arenas.

If at UFC 3 in Action Avenue amateur fights players have to put up with monotonous sports complexes, the new version has more locations, some even outdoors.

  1. KO (knockout) mode.

The setting, techniques, and health strip greatly reference Mortal Kombat. Expect no ice balls here, but the fights are sharp and exciting.

  1. Fighting without going to the parterre

Also, in the game, there is an MMA and boxing simulator. It turned out pretty interesting; you can feel like a famous boxer who can kick your opponent.

  1. Improved management of fights in doubles

Newcomers to the simulator will quickly understand the game’s mechanics. Conventionally, the game has three leading positions: painful blow, stand, and “ground and pound” (to topple on the mat and fight in a half-lying place). In addition, the game prompts the player to learn how to predict the enemy’s behavior and fend off their attacks.

Call of Duty WWII


Call of Duty has returned to the familiar World War II setting. So, this game will appeal to those who like authenticity – don’t wait for blasters and other ultra-modern equipment here. The events of CoD WWII took place in the occupied cities of Belgium, France, and Germany.

The game attracts four features.

  • An elaborate story mode. Seven to nine hours of the main story fly by “in the blink of an eye.” One senses a love of detail, as the creators decided not to spill out on uncomplicated missions but try to tell the story of a single warrior.
  • Many movie quotes. Fans of “sit-down popcorn” will appreciate hundreds of visual quotes from their favorite movies, from “Saving Private Ryan” and “Brothers in Arms” to “Dunkirk” and “Inglourious Basterds.”
  • Lack of Regeneration. You won’t be able to sit in a shelter while your health regenerates. Instead, you will have to search for first aid kits around the location.
  • Sophisticated stealth mode (when you have to “quietly” kill your enemies). The player must carefully and quietly eliminate the Nazis. Otherwise, it will rain down on him under the bullets, and it is unlikely he will save the Frenchwoman captured by the enemy.



The famous sandbox game with elements of survival simulation is still breaking records of popularity. And no wonder – the developers regularly release additions. However, the first time you turn on the game, the gamer finds himself in a “square” world, as if built from Lego cubes.

In the game, you can build any location up to his house and apartment. Then, play it together – solid fun. Especially good multiplayer “comes” in combat mode, when you can “kill” the enemies directly from several fronts.

The features of the new Minecraft include:

  • The lack of clear goals. No need to chase tournament tables; you can do everything at your own pace.
  • Simple gameplay, understandable even to a child. You should destroy existing blocks, build any structures and weapons from new ones, kill creepers (monsters that attack players) and “live” with other online players.
  • Dynamic change of day and night. Day and night last 20 minutes each. During daylight hours, the world is friendly; you will have to defend yourself from dozens of enemies at night.
  • Mountains, caves, hundreds of crafting products, monsters, and skins for players
  • Every year the developers release significant updates. In 2024, players were expecting Caves & Cliffs, which will give exciting new caves, cliffs, and a considerable amount of additional content.
  • Beam Tracing. The game looks more realistic! A couple of years ago, there was an update with ray tracing – credible refraction. It is more noticeable in water locations and glass work. So many sun rabbits are fascinating!

All these games will brighten up your and your friend’s leisure time!