The Best Employment Agencies In Chicago, IL

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Every person who is familiar with the job opportunities must know Chicago is one of the smartest cities, and most people want to get a job over there. There are a plethora of great jobs, and this attracts many people who are in search of a job to get a place there so that they can experience the luxuries and good standard of living.

As there are great jobs, you will think that plenty of staffing agencies can help you out in it. You must keep in mind that if you choose the services of some of the best agencies, the chances of you getting the job are higher. Everybody knows how there is a hustle to get a deserving job, which involves making extra efforts and taking the services of the most appropriate agencies.

10 Agencies For Good Employment Opportunities

If you are looking for some of the best agencies near Chicago, IL, you have come to the right place; instead of scrolling and looking for the agencies individually, you can read the reviews here and get the idea.

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Chicago Hire Company:

  • This industry is one of the longest-running as it has experience of almost 50 years. From the initial stage till now, it has seen remarkable growth.
  • They render job services for many posts like an executive assistant, consultant, temporary admin, and many other job positions.
  • One thing you must know about this agency is that even though it has the experience, it is still small, and it might be hard for them to give adequate time to the individual.


  • Like the other ones in the list, Adia also holds an ideal position in the staffing agencies and is known for rendering the most favorable and suitable job opportunities to the people.
  • Not just Chicago, they work globally, and this shows how experienced they are in their work, which makes them the expert in matching the right staff to the right company. It is one of the most appropriate agencies that do not require the user to indulge in knowing the main details about the job and what the specifications are for it.
  • In all, from Streamline workforce planning to minimize overhead, this one can also be considered, and if you want to know more, you can look out for details from and get an idea about the services.


  • Hirewell is a staffing agency whose expertise is in managed recruiting programs, on-demand recruiting, retained search. You can contact their 50+ professionals and have a word with them directly.
  • They specialize in rendering jobs like a brand manager, junior QA journalist, HR, sales, real estate sectors, digital experience, and many more.
  • This agency is known for providing good open positions jobs in Chicago.
  • Many users’ reviews say that there are fewer growth opportunities, and this insight comes from their experience.
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City Staffing:

  • This staffing agency is certified with WBE.
  • Their services include contract and temporary employment, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire placements across multiple fields. To be more specific, it provides job opportunities in certain areas like business analyst, sales associate, coordinator, and many more.
  • One of the drawbacks that the reviewers highlight is that there is a lack of communication between the place of work and the contractor. City Staffing offers little to no health benefits.

Malone Workforce Solutions:

  • Malone Workforce Solutions is a good staffing agency specializing in hospitality, office administration, nursing, allied health, manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, and many more.
  • They are also known for local service expertise; it is a pretty big company. Sometimes when a company is too engaged in touching every aspect and job opportunities, it becomes hard to give individual time and attention to get more insight into a particular person’s mind.
  • Some reviews by the previous service users say that there is a lack of belonging and trust in colleagues.

Banner Personnel:

  • Banner personnel has been rendering their service for almost 50 years and provide employment opportunities to the people living in Chicago or nearby it.
  • The agency caters to the people who are seeking job opportunities in categories like Industries accounting finance.
  • They also assist the business organizations looking for direct hiring opportunities and filling the temporary positions.
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Audit Recruiters:

  • Audits recruiters specialize in recruiting audit supervisors, senior Internal auditors, and senior risk analysts.
  • They are known for bridging the gap between suitable candidates with the right employees to encourage professional relationships and ensure that job seekers get the most deserving job.
  • They are known for providing highly skilled employment to job seekers and securing them to provide them with all the details that are necessary for them to know.

City Staffing:

  • This recruiting agency specializes in finance HR and has dealt with job seekers or employers in Chicago and around the surroundings for more than 25 years.
  • This company recruits executive temp to hire, direct hire employees, and various other job opportunities in marketing and accounting.
  • It has good reviews from the users and is known for rendering high job opportunities to the job seekers who want to have a good job in Chicago or surrounding communities.

Mack And Associates:

  • They are highly professional job recruiters that do not ask for extensive and highly stressful needs for the documents and the questions from the job seekers.
  • With your resume, they can find you a job in different fields like office manager, customer service, legal secretary, accounts payable client services, event staff, and many more.
  • They specialize in financial services, legal services professional services and give separate time to each individual.
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Atticus Recruiting:

  • This recruiting agency specializes in providing lawyer-based employment opportunities and associates with in-house counsel searches and practice group administration and development.
  • They are known for providing guidance services and helping employers get the best personnel for their respective organizations.
  • As their specialty is in law and legal practices, you can contact them if you want a job opportunity in that particular sector.

The Takeaway

All the employment agencies mentioned above are one of the best in Chicago, IL, and will help you find your ideal job with the best working environment. You must always choose the organization that you feel will help you provide the best job you deserve.