Best Dog Gadgets: Essentials Your Pet Will Need

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In the modern world, new technologies advance at higher velocity. And today they are available not only for people but also for our furry friends. Each dog owner wants to make one’s pup happy and satisfied. The people want to know how to paint the pets’ lives using special devices. These are various kinds of feeders, smart toys, and even video cameras for dogs – diversity is striking! So, what gadgets will the dog appreciate? What devices will make your dog happier and help to live full-fledged and trouble-free life? Let’s take a closer look at the dog gadgets market.

Automatic Feeder

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An automatic feeder is a quite effective device for busy owners. It will save your dog’s life if you have to leave it for the whole day. Some automatic feeder items allow you to program the time and amount of feed a pet will receive. Modern pet stores, for instance,, offer a wide range of various models from different manufacturers, so it will be easy to find the appropriate option.

Automatic Water Bowl

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According to, like the automatic feeder, the automatic water bowl is an excellent solution if you need to leave the pet alone in the house and guarantee access to drinking water. Besides, the device can become a worthy alternative to classic drinking bowls. Some of the best automatic water dispensers can be found on this website.

GPS Tracker

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Of course, GPS tracker can be considered one of the most useful devices for furry friends owners. This tracking device allows you to check your dog’s location. It helps not only to prevent the loss of the dog but also to control its movement.

Automatic Claw Cutting Machine

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Automatic claw cutting machine is an alternative to classic pet nail trimmer. It’s a polishing tip device that gently cuts the claw off. Its operation principle is similar to a nail file. When using a claw-cutting machine, the instructions for use must be followed clearly to avoid claw overheating and blood vessel injury.

Dog Camera

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Have you ever thought about having your dog video blog on the Internet and making it a YouTube star? Or maybe you want to look at the world with your dog’s eyes? An individual dog camera will help with this. The market offers almost weightless options that are put on the collar. There are even individual devices for attachment of GoPro. There will be no indifferent to such videos.

Dog Treadmill

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Dog treadmill will help your dog in maintaining physical shape, losing weight, or preparing for an exhibition. You can find them in specialized stores and pick the best variant for the needed breed. Such simulators differ from each other not only in the principle of work but also in size. Before buying, be sure to consult with a dog trainer and veterinary doctor.

Dog Fitness Tracker

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Fitness trackers may not be the most popular gadgets for dogs. However, pet owners who closely monitor the health of their furry friends will definitely like this device. The dog fitness tracker record the number of steps taken by the dog and the distance it has overcome. Based on the data about the breed, age, and weight of the pet, the device gives recommendations for the better care of it.

Anti-Swallowing Feeding Bowls

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Some dogs have a bad habit – they do not chew food, but swallow it too fast. Sometimes, it becomes a critical factor for the development of stomach diseases and other health problems. There is a simple solution – a special feeder of complex shape, with recesses from the inside. It turns the feeding process into a real game, forces the dog to be more attentive when ingesting food, and eat slower.

Interactive Toys

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Elaborated toys (for example, on radio control, with sound or light effects) are a great way to cope with dog boredom and entertain it easily. At the same time, you can find any toy for your taste – from simple wooden piece to the textile one.

Bottom Line

When buying dog gadgets, remember that the purpose of any device is to improve the quality of life of the pet and its owner. For example, not so long ago, a device was announced that would allow to “read” the thoughts of a dog, and a gadget which would be able to translate from dog language to human language. Who knows, perhaps in the future they will become popular, but so far the best and proven way to understand the dog is to love, respect and take care of it properly.