Best Cordless Clippers For Fades in 2024

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Hair clippers are different for home use and professional use. Choosing the best hair clippers is a daunting task since there are several features that you have to consider. While choosing one for professional barbers, you should keep several things in mind. You should pay extra attention to fade cutting when you want to buy one for professional barbers.

Picking the best clippers is tough, and so you need assistance to choose that will efficiently suit all your needs. Several models are available in the market, and you can choose one from the best ones available. Fade hairstyles offer a clean, stylish look and suit all. Fades enhance the appearance of an individual no matter if you have long, short or medium hair. Without putting in too much effort, your look will considerably improve.

If you are a stylist or a professional barber, you should choose the one that can efficiently provide you with the best fades. Pick one from the available options on

Find the best options available below.

Oster Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

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Oster is a top-rated company that manufactures high-quality trimmers and clippers. The company has an experience of over 120 years in the industry who is serving consumers effectively. With such extensive experience in the industry, it can manufacture trimmers of superb quality in a variety of shapes, sizes, specialities, and styles.

This trimmer is one of the ideal innovations of the company, and several professionals love that. It has a sleek and compact design that suits the needs of several individuals. The trimmer is lighter in weight and is therefore conveniently carried from one place to another.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip 8148

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This magic clip is one of the premium clippers manufactured by Wahl. This is one of the best products of this clipper company, and much superior in quality. It is made keeping professional use in mind and therefore, the ultimate choice for professional barbers. It is flexibly movable since sharper blades are used for quality and effective trimming.

You can use this one both as a corded clipper or as cordless as well. It comes as a complete package with several accessories along to fulfil all needs of the professionals. This one has a powerful battery that provides a very high performing runtime.

Andis Master 15-Watt Hair Clipper

Andis is a premium company that manufactures all grooming equipment, and its products are of high-quality that lasts longer than the usual ones. The company is into the industry for more than 80 years now, and it is continuing to grow in over 90 countries all around the globe. People in several countries swear by this trimmer manufactured by Andis.

Professionals choose this particular brand over others available—barbers, professionals, and even at home use this trimmer to get their hair shaped perfectly well. It is designed to deal with even rough, thick and uneven hair. It has an incredible speed with which economic performance is attained by the professionals.

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper

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Wahl is a famous company that is providing the best grooming equipment all around the world. This one is a professional hair clipper which is suitable to get faded hairstyles. It is available in full size and has a motor of 500 watts which is much faster than the ones which have electromagnetic motors. This one is designed to provide a sharp cutting performance. It is also an excellent choice for fades, trimming, blends, and tapering. This clipper comes with a comb attached in 8 different sizes. It also has a chemical resistant cord that is almost 8 feet long. It has a beautiful design, and top-notch quality materials are used. It is an ideal choice for fades and excellent cutting.

Wahl Clipper Colour Pro

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This cordless clipper comes with a complete haircutting kit that has a beautiful design and is super active for having best fades and blends. This tool is available in attractive colourful equipment. This tool makes it super easy for professionals to work and is also used to provide versatility.

It comes with a stainless-steel blade that is used for clean and comfortable cutting. Professionals use this product since it ensures that they can provide clean cutting to their clients. It comes with a cover for the blade which makes sure that any dust or dirt doesn’t get stuck in it. It also has a storage case that is used for convenience.

Things To Look For In Trimmers


Stylists and Barbers all over the world are looking for different hair clipper​ designs. Design is the crucial element that people look for. Design of the trimmer directly influences the ease of stylists with which they can easily use the trimmer. Choose an appropriate design with which you can attain the perfect style.

Amount Of Time Spent On A Job

When professionals look for a trimmer, they look​ for the time that is spent on a particular job. They will have to look for one with which they can quickly achieve a job. Hence, they look for clippers with which they can rapidly make fades and blends. The clippers shouldn’t slow the professionals down, somewhat can efficiently reduce the time to complete a particular job.

Cleaning, Maintenance and Warranty

Look for a clipper that you can clean efficiently​. However, you should buy a trimmer that is difficult to clean and maintain. If this is the case with your clipper, then you will lose interest to clean it quite often. And, if left dirty, the performance of the clipper is lost. Also, choose a clipper that has a warranty for almost 2-3 years. You should also pay attention to the proper maintenance of the clipper. Maximum security should be obtained for the hair clippers as well.

The professionals should always look for the best choice of clippers so that they can do their job effectively. Also, with several options available in fades look for one that suits the preferences of many.