10 Best Browser Games to Play With Your Family in 2024

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One advantage of browser games is that anyone with a browser can jump into a game, no purchase or installation necessary. Even though browser games are primarily developed for PC browsers in mind, many include optional smartphone controls as well.

So if you’re looking for some fun family games that everyone can connect to and play together on their devices, without needing to purchase or install any game files on each separate device, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best browser games to play with your family!

Be in mind that playing video games on PC or desktop need a decent gaming gig. One of the essential components of it is graphics card a.k.a GPUs. Sometimes due to the specs of the game, you might run through bad experience. To avoid such instances, check this guide for optimizing your GPU performance, as it is considered as a vital element in boosting the performance. Now let’s jump to the list of best games that you can enjoy with your family.

1. Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is an exciting and immersive free-to-play browser drifting game that offers players the opportunity to experience the thrill of drifting high-performance tuner cars. Powered by the UNITY engine, the game boasts stunning 3D graphics, realistic physics, and a smooth frame rate, delivering a truly immersive drifting experience.

Players start their drifting journey with the iconic Toyota Corolla AE86 and have the chance to unlock a range of other impressive cars, including the Nissan S13, Toyota Supra, 2015 Mustang, RWB 911, and many more. As you hit the track and improve your drifting skills, you can customize both the visual appearance and performance aspects of your car, allowing you to create a unique and personalized drifting machine.

With five different race circuits available, each offering its own unique challenges and thrills, Drift Hunters provides endless hours of adrenaline-fueled fun. Whether you’re a seasoned drifter or a newcomer to the world of drifting, the game offers a dynamic and engaging experience that will keep you hooked.

2. Minecraft

Img source: theverge.com

Minecraft is such a diverse sandbox game, it offers something fun for everyone. Whether it’s fortifying your shelters in survival mode, or building entire cities in creative mode, it is the de-facto “dream it and build it” sandbox game.

The amount of regular updates Minecraft receives, as well as a massive modding community, have also helped keep Minecraft alive over the years. Something undeniable is that Minecraft is best played with other people, whether it’s classic survival, creative, or one of the zany fan-mod modes on public servers.

While the desktop client version of Minecraft has received many updates over the years, you can play the original Minecraft Classic in a browser, and see what Minecraft survival was really all about before the latest end-game updates.

3. Town of Salem

Source: steampowered.com

If you’re looking for a game that could break up more families than Monopoly, Town of Salem just might be it. It’s like if the TV show Survivor was an RPG game set during the Salem Witch Trials. Between 7 to 15 players are assigned one of over 30 unique roles, including things like “town serial killer”, blackmailer, witch, jester, sheriff, and others. The goal of the game is for the good players (sheriff, mayor, etc) to track down the bad guys, and vote to lynch them, while the bad guys must kill off the good players.

That’s a really simple summary for a very complex game, so you really just need to try it.

4. Shell Shockers

Img source: geometrydashfree.com

A first-person shooter that’s cute enough for the whole family to enjoy. It’s like Call of Duty, except all of the characters are eggs, and the guns shoot eggs, and there’s just eggs everywhere. There are literally no other words to describe this game – it’s an all-egg themed browser-based first-person-shooter.

And while that sounds either ridiculously dumb or cute and endearing, the gameplay is actually really quite fluid, and plays similarly to a cross between Quake and Call of Duty. With eggs.

5. Short Life

Img source: caygames.com

An incredibly violent yet entertaining platformer game, it’s sort of like Super Mario, if Mario could be brutally dismembered and mutilated by the various obstacles throughout the levels. In Short Life, the objective is to guide the character past obstacles through the side-scrolling levels, but the obstacles are like, really terrible ways to die. Like ceiling-mounted chainsaws and things of that nature.

What’s really hilarious about Short Life is that touching the obstacles might not necessarily kill you outright. A minefield might blow off one of your legs, for example, leaving you to crawl to the finish line. The ragdoll physics are also pretty entertaining and can be downright hysterical, as your character gets blown up, impaled on spikes, and launched by cannonballs. You can play Short Life here.

6. Google Feud

Img sorce: thrivesearch.com

Google has their own unique twist on the popular Family Feud television game show. In Google Feud, you have to guess the endings to search queries in various categories, be it music, geography, pop culture, and others.

The only drawback of Google Feud is that answers can really boil down to variations of the same phrase. For example, this search phrase “best ride at…” had ‘universal’, ‘universal studios’, and ‘universal Hollywood’ as three of the correct answers, yet ‘universal Orlando’ wasn’t.

7. Treasure Arena

Img source: mmohuts.com

Treasure Arena is like a crazy 2D sprite-based battle arena, where the objective is to hunt down gear and loot randomly scattered across the arenas, while killing everyone else. There are 3 classes to play, and it’s a fun little action game for a group of friends.

In a small way, the gameplay is similar to Realm of the Mad God, at least in the sense that Treasure Arena is a 2D sprite-based top-down arena shooter, but it’s a very slim comparison I’m giving as a point of reference only.

8. Drakensang Online

Img source: vistapointe.net

Drakensang Online is one of the most popular browser-based MMORPGs, though it plays like a Diablo-style action RPG. You can team up and complete quests together, slaying monsters and finding epic gear to become stronger. DO doesn’t really add or innovate anything within the ARPG genre, except add MMORPG mechanics. So it’s an MMOARPG, but it’s much more Diablo than Albion Online, if that makes sense.

Drakensang Online has received numerous awards and recognition for being one of the best new browser MMOs when it was released, and the community is still going strong, so it’s a great time to go check it out if you never have.

9. Realm of the Mad God

Best described as an MMO and isometric bullet-hell shooter hybrid, Realm of the Mad God offers insane, twitch-reflex gameplay on huge, randomly generated maps. There are 15 classes to choose from, and a ton of endgame content for players to band together, kill bosses and find loot.

10. TagPro

Img source: igdb.com

TagPro has incredibly simple graphics, but complex and downright addicting gameplay. It is a capture-the-flag arena game, except all players are either red or blue balls. Players must obtain power-ups and use environmental traps to ‘pop’ the other team, and hinder them from capturing your team’s flag.

11. Agar.IO

Img source: agar.io

Another simple yet challenging multiplayer game, Agar.IO has you controlling a blob-cell creature, floating around an endless map and eating little blobs to grow bigger. Once you’ve grown big enough, you can eat other players that are smaller than you, though of course you’ll be dodging players larger than yourself.

It’s a simple concept of big fish eating little fish, but is remarkably fun when played in a group party.

12. Cribbage Online

When you hear Cribbage, you may think of the classic card game that’s played in person with an actual peg board. Now you can play Cribbage on the web, without a real board. The goal is to score 121 points total against your opponent through various point combinations. Best of all, with an online version, scoring and shuffling is taken care for you.