Top 5 Best Android Games Available in 2024

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The popularity of mobile games has drastically improved. We won’t mention any current statistics here because it seems to us that it is unnecessary. Check people around you and see how many of them are playing at least one game on their android device.

The number of games that are published every day is also huge. That’s why the competition in this field is tougher than ever before. It is hard to decide which game to play first.

Fortunately, we are here to help. We would want to highlight some of the most fascinating android games that you will like. There is one thing that we need to mention. We are not sharing our personal opinions. We have checked all the factors such as reviews, popularity, and things like that before making the final list.

So, let’s get started.

1. Bloons TD 6

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Well, if you a huge fan of tower defense games, then this one is a perfect choice for you. The “bad guys” in this game are invading your map around a predetermined route. Your task is to defend the destructive towers and to wipe them out before the bad guys kill you. We are sure that defending those towers will cause a certain dose of adrenaline.

Anyway, this game is interesting for many reasons. First of all, it has a cute cartoon art style. Playing this game will probably bring you back in your childhood.

Despite that, the game truly asks for your attention. You need to find the best possible way to defend the towers. Despite strategy, you also need to choose the best possible defensive units. You will have different tasks to accomplish, and for each accomplishment, you will get a certain amount of money.

Doesn’t this sound interesting?

2. Exploding Kittens

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This is a completely different type of game. It is a great choice for people that are a fan of card games. Yet, we would like to say that this game is different from many you can find. It is some sort of combination of luck and strategy. You and other players need to be careful and avoid being blown up by an exploding kitten. A number of players that can play this game are between 2 and 6.

The style of this game is a bit comical and quirky. In most cases, previous players say that the design was making the game even more entertaining. Of course, this depends on the taste that you have.

Logically, the game is more interesting when you play it in multiplayer mode. However, there is also a single-player mode and we suggest you start in that way. The game is not complex for beginners. You won’t need t a lot of time to understand how everything works. Yet, it will take time to master the game and that’s why it would be good to start playing it alone.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile

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Call of Duty was one of the most popular PC games for a long time. Yet, the developers of this game realized that the number of mobile game users is growing. Because of that, the mobile version of this game is currently available as well.

If you a huge fan of touchscreen firefight games, then this is a perfect choice for you. You will be part of one of the most entertaining shooter actions.

The users will be able to find different multiplayer modes. One of them is Battle Royale and we suggest you try it out. Despite that, you will also be able to find some of the most popular classic maps and characters from some other CoD games. Of course, this counts only if you were playing this game many years ago on your computer device.

Anyway, there are several different things that the players can expect. First of all, you will find customized loadouts. Despite that, each player will get ranked and win prizes if he plays the game in the right way. Yet, everything that we mention would not mean anything if the graphics are not good. Fortunately, the graphics for this game are perfect. The only small disadvantage is that you would need to have a bit stronger mobile. Yet, the average mobiles of today usually can support this game.

4. Mini Metro

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Have you ever wanted to design a working subway system for a city? Well, your wish can become a reality thanks to this game. The game itself is stylish if you ask us. It is a soothing puzzle game that will probably seem easy in the beginning. Yet, connecting the drawing lines between stations is not as easy as you think. Sooner or later, the random city growth will bring different problems that you will have to solve.

The users have the chance to choose between 20 different cities to play in. Each city has unique challenges that are caused by the local river system. The things become more exciting when you play it in different modes. You can also play it against other players.

5. The Room: Old Sins

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Believe it or not, this is already the fourth entry of the creepy puzzle series “The Room”. The entire game is associated with the disappearance of a couple from Waldegrave Manor. The dollhouse with a huge number of details serves as an intriguing and challenging puzzle box.

It might happen that you haven’t played the previous titles in the series. Yet, that won’t represent a problem. You won’t struggle to understand how this game works. Your task will be to explore the intricate environment and manipulate the objects. The goal is to uncover hidden mechanisms that allow you to improve through the game.

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