Benefits of a Curved TV in your Interior Décor

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Since curved TVs started hitting the market more than five years ago, they have gained traction and have been purported to be the next big thing. Curve TVs are the epitome of modern TV viewing experience as they offer a more immersive viewing experience similar to screens found in cinemas. And as the 4K Ultra HD TV market continues to expand, curved ones are indeed here to stay. The so much benefits provided by these TVs means you should get one and improve your interior décor. Below are some of the benefits offered by them:

1.  Immersive Viewing Experience

The curved screen provides a more natural shape to the advantage of our round eyes’ peripheral vision; therefore, these TVs offers a more immersive viewing experience. The concave curvature allows the pictures to fill more of our field of view, which translates to a more immersive viewing experience. With those types of TV’s, you will undoubtedly feel like you are watching a movie at the IMAX cinema.

2.  Wider Field of View

By curving the edges of the edges, curved TVs bring their pictures slightly forward and therefore fills more of your field of view as compared to flat screen ones. Images in curved screens are quite wide and appear to stretch further across the wall, enhancing the viewing experience, especially when you are at the center.

3.  Sharper Image

This type of screen perfectly blends in with the natural shape of the eyes much better than flat ones; therefore, their images look slightly sharper at their edges. With sharp images, be sure to follow every action of your favorite movie, music or TV show beyond your imagination with crisp, clear images.

4.  Offers more Depth

Curved edges come with so much image depth that it looks like 3D, even when the source is only 2D. Curving the edges of the image towards the viewers enhances their visual perception concerning the depth of the images, and they may feel as if they are being sucked into the content. Most curved TVs also apply a contrast enhancement feature to different parts of the screen, thus aids in adding clarity and colour to image enhancing depth.

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5.  Better Viewing Angles

Not everyone can sit directly in front of the TV, and those who sit at the sides are usually disadvantaged due to the poor viewing angle. A flat-screen TV appears washed out when viewed from the side. However, this is not the case with curved ones as you can still be able to enjoy exceptional colour even when sitting on the side. This is because they turn the edges of their images towards off-axis viewing positions, thereby significantly reducing contrast reductions and colour loses saturation experienced from viewing from the side.

6.  Offers Better Contrast

They offer better contrast as compared to their flat screen counterparts since they can strengthen the light directed at a certain area. Curved screens focus the light coming from the screen more directly at your eyes-in much the same way satellite dishes strengthen signals by focusing them to a single point. Better contrast translates to a comfortable viewing experience.

7.  Aesthetics and Easy Installation

In recent days, TVs have strongly come as a means of decorating your living room and portray your sense of style or taste. Curved TVs undoubtedly look lovely and would add a modern feel to your living room. Additionally, they are easy to install in terms of tv aerial installation or mounting it to the wall. Check out for more information.

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8.  Comfortable Viewing Experience

Unlike flat-screen TVs. curved screens do not suffer from glare, which sometimes can hinder the overall viewing experience. When you watch a flat panel TV for too long, your eyes can get strained due to glare. However, these types of screens eliminate glare make it more comfortable for you to watch TV longer.


When looking to buy a TV, you may easily get into a dilemma about whether to buy a curved or a flat-screen one. While there have been numerous arguments concerning the superiority of the two, curved TVs, have always emerged as better options thanks to their unique features. Curved TVs offers enhanced immersion, wider field of view, better contrast, improved image depth, and overly a comfortable viewing experience compared to their counterparts. And with their aesthetics, be sure to transform your home into a modern theatre and take your entertainment to the next level