How do you Become a Pro Gamer in 2024

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Every person dreams of working something that they love. It is said that if you can earn money from your favorite hobby, you won’t have to work a day in your life. Many people love playing games and they do it from the first time they sit in front of a computer. We all remember that we waiting for our parents to let us play some PC games for an hour or two and those were our happiest moments of the day.

However, most people don’t have time to play all their favorite games anymore and have to give up the dream of becoming a pro gamer.

If you are amazing at playing games on your PC and if you think that you could earn money out of it, then you should think about becoming a pro gamer. However, you will have to dedicate a lot of time and even some money if you want to make this dream come true.

Even though you are going to have so much fun in the process and you are not going to be stuck in an office, doing something you don’t even like, you still have to make a lot of sacrifices when it comes to professional gaming.

To help you prepare and to learn all the things you need to do if you choose gaming as your future career, we created this guide.

Here you can learn about how can you become a pro gamer and what are the basic things you need to make this happen. Remember that you cannot do this overnight and that you have to have a lot of patience and be prepared to play even the games that you don’t particularly like.

Invest in equipment, find your game and become really good

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If there is a game you like to play, then you need to spend a lot of time playing it. You need to become really good at playing it. If you want to be a pro gamer, then you need to become an expert in that game.

This means more than just spending an hour joking around. You will need to watch other people play, you will need to read all the books and watch all the tutorials. You need to learn everything you possibly can about this particular game. This means knowing how to play without any cheat codes and without skipping parts.

If you don’t know where to start, then you should look for the most popular games there are and what other pro gamers choose to play. You don’t want to become an expert in something that people are not interested in. Choose something that people want to watch others play and choose a type of game that will stay interesting in years to come.

If there is a game like that, that you like, then great. If not, don’t worry. You just need to spend some time checking your possibilities out and have fun testing the other games. Give yourself time and don’t worry, you are going to find something you like.

You will also need to invest in a good computer, or a gaming laptop, you will need a professional mouse, keyboard and really good headphones. There are a lot of different types of these things on the market, so make sure you find the best ones you can afford. And don’t worry, in time you will be able to upgrade and get better equipment. Don’t forget about the gaming chair as well, as you will need a lot of support.

What are the games that will bring you money?

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There are a lot of different pro games you can play. The list goes on and on, and most of the famous games are on that list.

The number one game is Dota 2. It is said that this game is played in 1334 Tournaments and that there are about 4000 professional players who choose Dota 2. When it comes to numbers and prices, it is estimated that the awards one could win go up to almost $250K! Isn’t that great? Being able to win a quarter of a million just by playing your favorite game?

The second place is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it is played in more than 5000 professional tournaments. There are more than 13,000 players and you could win up to $100,000. Fortnite comes in third place and players here can win about $80,000. This game is played in more than 600 tournaments and there are about 3,000 professional gamers that focus on this game.

However, these are not the only 3 games that could make you rich while you do the thing you love the most. Other games include LoL, Wow, StarCraft II, Escape from Tarkov, Overwatch, FIFA 19, Halo 3 and so on. The point here is that there are literally hundreds of different games you can play and focus on one that will make you rich and famous.

How to play Escape from Tarkov?

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To become a pro gamer, you need to know who to play these games. Escape from Tarkov is one of the most famous games and it is said that players can get a lot of awards and win great prices. Here we are going to talk about the basics you should know when playing this fun game.

This is an MMO game that is played in the first person. It is realistic and it starts as you find yourself in Tarkov as conflict breaks out. You have to choose if you are going to be on the USEC or BEAR side. It is a multiplayer game, so some of your enemies are going to be humans – other players, and some of them are going to be AI. Make sure that you don’t overburden your player and that you are well hydrated and that you find enough food. Another thing you need to pay attention to the injuries as you can die if you don’t treat the wounds on time.

This is a great game for professional players, but if you want to know how to play Escape from Tarkov, then you should learn more about ETF coaching and how this can help you become a better player – a pro in this game.

There are safe houses you can hide in and there is the equipment you can get and carry around with you. Make sure you get only the essentials and not carry too many things you won’t need. You have to complete the quests if you want to get the experience points, always check the map and make smart use of secure containers.

This game is really interesting and fun. If you check Twitch or other gaming stream service you will notice that there are so many players who play this game. Check out the tutorial and the guide, who knows, maybe you’ll love it?

Becoming a pro gamer is not an easy task. You have to invest in yourself and your skills. However, if you do something that you love, it will never feel like you are doing hard work. Find the game you like and start preparing to become a professional gamer.