10 Basic Kitchen Tools Every Chef Should Have in 2024

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The ability to cook a chef will be limited if without the support of adequate tools. Therefore, a chef must have Basic Kitchen Tools. With the right tools, any kind of food will be easy to make. Not only that, but the level of effectiveness is also clearly increasing.

In this modern era, being a cook is not that difficult because you can buy any basic kitchen tools for beginners in the market. You can buy so many kinds of essential appliances or gadgets such as ovens, grinders, blenders, and many more technological innovations in the world of cooking. So, if you want to be like a chef, you should have at least these useful gadgets.

Must-Have Kitchen Essentials

  1. Stove

Stoves are the main cooking utensils that are required. Not just cooking, stoves can be used to simply warm up food or boil water. The most popular types are gas stoves and electric stoves. More gas stoves are chosen because the fuel is cheaper. Even so, electric stoves are also preferred because the design is more minimalist and the distribution of heat is more even though the price is relatively expensive. The guys over at Perfectly Smoked say you should think about your lifestyle when choosing your stove- if you’re only cooking for one, a smaller cooker with less capacity is the best option, but if you’re having lots of people over and cooking for larger parties, you’ll need to invest in a larger, more expensive model.

  1. Chef’s Knife

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Broadly speaking, a chef’s knife is very multifunctional. A chef can use this knife for various purposes of processing materials such as cutting, peeling, slicing, forming food, to chopping cooking ingredients into small pieces. Generally, the length of a chef’s knife ranges between 15 cm to 30 cm.

Common food items cut by a chef’s knife include meat, vegetables, and fish. Now, because the cut material varies, the length of the chef’s knife ranges from 15 cm to 30 cm and the one that characterizes the chef’s knife is its tapered edges. This is intended if there is food in large inches and cannot be reached with a short knife size.

  1. Cutting Board

As a knife supporter, a chef should also use a cutting board when cutting food ingredients. At present, there are many types of cutting boards on the market and the prices vary. However, you must pay attention to the quality of the cutting board, not just the cheap price.

So far, three types of cutting boards are commonly known to the public. This type is distinguished from its basic ingredients, they are wood, plastic, and rubber. These cutting board types have their advantages and disadvantages. Although you can easily clean the cutting board, you also still need to consider cutting boards that have an antibacterial property to keep them clean and sterile.

  1. Spatula

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In addition to the knife and cutting board, you also must have some spatulas. Spatula also consists of many types and the types are distinguished based on the basic ingredients. There are spatulas made of wood, stainless steel, and the others are made of silicon.

A spatula that is usually used by many people is made of wood. Some of the people also have more than one spatula in some different kinds. When you have a spatula, you also must have a ladle that is also very important for cooking soup.

  1. Peeler

One simple gadget but it is a very important tool for a chef is a peeler. This tool helps chefs to prepare food ingredients faster. The function of the peeler itself is to peel food ingredients like carrots, cucumbers, and other food ingredients that are generally peeled using a knife.

  1. Frying Pan

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Next, it is basic kitchenware that is larger than utensils, which is called a pan or frying pan. This cookware is very important to use for cooking. Many types of pans are also distinguished based on the materials. There are pans made of hard anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and even non-stick pans. Also, you can buy some frying pan in different sizes according to its function.

But being health conscious, you should go for a frying pan that made of non-toxic and healthy materials. And for this purpose, you can for Stainless Steel, Ceramic of Anodized Aluminum Frying pan. You can check this review by Cookware Ninja to find a Hard Anodized Frying Pan or a full set.

  1. Scraper

In addition to using a knife, a tool that helps the effectiveness of cutting is called a scraper. However, this tool is used specifically for cutting bread dough. With this tool, you can cut bread dough neatly and quickly. You can also use a scraper to cut other soft ingredients besides the bread dough.

  1. Food Tong

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Another essential kitchen tool is called food tong. This tool is generally used by chefs as a tool to replace special spatulas in certain dishes. For example, you can use this food tong when you are cooking steak and other grilled or fried foods. With this tool, tossing and turning food will be much easier. This is a kind of kitchen gadget that is usually made from stainless steel material. You must not use food tong made from plastic because it is not heat-resistant.

  1. Blender

Blending ingredients is easier with a blender. Therefore, this tool is also a must-have in the kitchen. Choose a good quality blender with sharp blades and large container sizes. Usually, the blender is sold with the grinder. The function is almost the same, but the blender is usually used to mix and smooth the wet and runny herbs. While the grinder is to smooth dry ingredients. For example dried herbs or beans.

  1. Rice Cooker

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This tool makes it very easy to cook rice. But now rice cookers also have other functions such as warming side dishes, steaming, making porridge, soups, and cakes. Rice cookers use deep pans without a non-stick coating or you can also choose a similar device that has a non-stick feature.

Finally, those are a few basic kitchen tools that you must have just in case you want to learn to cook. If you have prepared those basic tools, then you can start cooking food. You may still need other kitchen accessories to support your cooking activity. Somehow, you may buy more than kitchen tools so you can use them according to their needs. Anyway, these kitchen items are also not too expensive to afford, so you can buy those gadgets right away.