What is a Baffle Ceiling Made of?

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If you want to create a unique and different atmosphere in your home or professional space, then the baffle ceiling is one of the most recommended choices. Apart from the attractive look, from the practical perspective, the baffle ceilings are easy to install, easy access to ceiling maintenance, and also easy to the installation of additional services like lighting, PA system, sprinklers, and so on.

The baffle ceiling can be optimized to various shapes and sizes as per the client’s needs. The baffle materials are made of different types of materials like wood or any sound observing material, but aluminum is the most preferred material, as it is less weight and offers higher strength.

Know about the baffle ceiling:

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The baffle ceiling is one of the best ways to create an ideal atmosphere in a room, and it is an open construction that allows viewing the concrete ceiling and plenum area above. You can use the baffled ceiling for remedial installation in the concrete ceilings, where the improvement to the acoustic sound is required.

The baffle ceiling is more like construction material and its major role is to reduce the strength of the airborne sound. It helps to mitigate noise pollution and reverberation sound. You would have noticed the baffled ceiling in places like theaters, conference rooms, halls, and other places where they gave much importance to sound quality.

The baffle ceiling is made of a variety of materials but the aluminum baffle ceiling is the most preferred one. The aluminum baffled ceiling is easy to install, and also it comes in different shapes and colors. Even the height and length of the ceiling can also be adjusted as per the client’s needs.

Why prefer a baffle ceiling?

Even though you will find many designs of the ceiling, if you are looking for the functional one, then a baffle ceiling is the better option. It will create an excellent ambiance, looks aesthetic, and gives a creative look to the ceiling. This type of ceiling can be installed quickly and even if there are any ceiling services, you can do it easily.

If you are going for the aluminum baffle ceiling, then it can be made in two types;

1. Extruded aluminum baffled ceiling

The extruded aluminum ceiling is mostly made of 6-series aluminum and the most recommended process of manufacturing is the extrusion process. Click FONNOV for extruded aluminum baffle ceiling details. When compared to the other process, the hardness and straightness are very much higher in the extruded ceiling.

In this baffle, you will find a suspension grid that connects well with the screws, and the extruded baffled ceiling can come in rectangular, square, rounded, and any other customized shapes. This is one of the most preferred manufacturing processes for baffle ceilings used by architects and interior construction.

In the extruded aluminum baffle ceiling, you will get two options either a wood baffle ceiling or a metal baffle ceiling with a round aluminum tube.

2. U-Shaped aluminum baffled ceiling

The U-Shaped aluminum baffled ceiling is made of an 1100 or 3003 aluminum panel and it is mainly manufactured by the rolling or forming process. Here, you will find the suspension grid in the keel snap structure.

Types of the different baffle and their specifications:

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The best part of the aluminum baffle ceiling is it comes in a combination of patterns, colors, profile, finishing, and other features. Here, we have separated the ceiling into different types;

  • Linear slim aluminum ceiling

This ceiling is made of a combination of different materials, and it provides two different patterns at the same time which is possible to see from a different side of the room. It helps to give an interesting light effect and give aesthetic look to the ceiling.

  • Rectangular aluminum ceiling

This rectangular aluminum ceiling comes with a slight twist, and it has the capacity to accommodate multiple material combinations. It offers three different wall surfaces, especially edge-lit acrylic. The designs are simple still they will create a distinctive effect.

  • Combination ceiling

This is the combination of a liner slim and rectangular aluminum ceiling, as the two types of the ceiling are attached together by assembling them mechanically, and result in the innovative ceiling. This type of ceiling can hold different types of materials, and it shows a huge number of patterns, finishes, and combinations of multiple faces.

  • Flexible ceiling

The flexible ceiling is very economic; it comes in customized sizes and finishes. This type of ceiling can be used in all types of projects, as it is versatile. The best part of this ceiling is that it can be cut into any height depending on the needs, and it is made of Aluminum 6063 T6 material.

  • Textured and colored ceiling

As the name suggested, we can see this ceiling coming in a variety of colors especially the solid colors, and also you will get the wood texture powder coating.

  • Stacked ceiling

The stacked ceiling is the truly modular aluminum baffled ceiling system, and it provides an amazing collection of the baffling ceiling with an array of colors and patterns. This can be installed either upward or revered way and using the simple hook, this can be installed completely.

Here, the ceiling will be stacked vertically in multiples of 75mm, and created ceiling as per the designer’s and architect’s demands.

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  • The baffle ceiling is an airy and ventilating ceiling, its lines are neat and tidy, and its layers are pretty clear
  • This is one of the best decorative options for your ceiling as it looks simple yet beautiful
  • If you choose the aluminum baffle ceiling then it comes with greater strength and is highly durable as it is made of metal
  • Don’t consume too much time for the installation, as the suspended system can be easier to install
  • Can be easily cleaned and quick access to the quick installation of the additional services
  • Offers open space for the integrated ceiling system