Tips For Picking Art And Décor That Match Your Living Room Style 

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Are you redecorating your living room for the holidays or just sprucing up your new space? Or perhaps you’re simply inspired after seeing a new interior trend, and you want to try your hand at DIY designing. Well, no matter the reason, you could definitely use some helpful ideas so you can pick art and décor that’ll match your living room style.

Since the living room is often staged as the focal point of any home, it’s only fitting that you invest time, effort, and money in finding the perfect art pieces and decorative accents for it. But unless you’re an art curator or interior designer, the process of picking such elements doesn’t come naturally. Fret not, because below, you’ll find tips on how you can do so without so much elbow grease.

A living room affair

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Styling your living room is both challenging and fun. That is if you’re the kind who likes doing things on your own, especially if you have quite a taste for magnificent art and décor. Such elements are the finishing touches that’ll make your living room look more tasteful and with character. Art adds personality to your home. The décor, on the other hand, defines the style you want to achieve for the living room.

The challenge lies in knowing which art and décor to pick for the overall effect that you imagine for the space. As you already know, there are many options out there waiting to be chosen. The question is, how do you settle on the final pieces? The struggle may be real, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make it out of it successfully.

Are you ready to start your little project? If so, here are some tips you can use for picking art and décor that’ll make your living room style stand out even more:

  • Find a starting point

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If you already have a few treasured pieces that you love, that could be your starting point as those pieces most likely already possess the style you like for the living room. For example, your wall art from FineArtAmerica can be the centerpiece depending on your theme for the space. Tapestries go well with a cozy and laid-back ambiance, while customized canvas prints perfectly match an eclectic or modern interior style.

The key is knowing where and how to position your wall art so it can be the focal point whenever someone walks into the room. You can mix and match different frame sizes and materials to add texture and versatility to your wall. The colors can also complement the overall design and palette of the living room if you prefer a uniform look at all angles.

  • Remember that less is more

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It can be tempting to stuff your home with plenty of art and décor just to prove a point. However, you might want to be careful when doing so, as that could defeat the purpose of staging your interior the way you want to. If the style you want to achieve is more of a minimalist one, try to limit the pieces you’ll add to the room so you can successfully make your case.

Some homeowners prefer to keep their art and décor subtlety composed to make their living room look more tasteful and stylish. Fewer pieces will also allow you to emphasize the interior decors that you want to highlight. One way to do this is by considering the architectural features of your living room, including the lighting, ceiling height, and even the color scheme.

The ceiling height, for instance, is a vital factor to consider when choosing chandeliers and other lighting accents. The color scheme can make or break the overall style you want to achieve for the room. A boho or individualist theme might not work well with dark colors and metallic elements. If you’re aiming for this style, it’s recommended to go for neutral hues and natural ornaments such as wood and fresh flowers.

  • Go for what you really like

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Sometimes, the decision boils down to what your heart likes, instead of simply matching the living room style to the art and décor you pick. Be it cheap or priceless elements that you plan on buying; it’s important that you love what you’re adding to the room. That way, you can feel more inspired as you go about completing the décor for your home.

Original artwork may be an investment, but if you don’t have the affinity for it, it’s useless to go out of your way just to purchase one. You might be better off picking something unique and affordable that can add more character to the room. More importantly, it’s best to go for what defines your taste and personality as a homeowner. If originality is what you’re after, you can always look for new artists with promising potentials. You could also search online for unique decorative pieces to help you achieve the style and look you want for your living room.

  • Don’t forget the finishing touches

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After picking art and décor that match your living room style, another thing you shouldn’t forget is the finishing touches. It could be in the form of ambient lighting that’ll highlight your wall art from a different perspective. Or it may also be the window treatment and curtains you decide to pick for the space. Anything that defines your interior and adds more personality, even subtly, can be considered finishing touch.

You’re free to create contrast if you feel like it’ll help you mix and match all the elements you’ve added to the room. If you have a contemporary living room style, you may consider adding classic and traditional art pieces to make the modern touch more striking. In the same sense, your traditional or elegant interior may be accentuated with present-day embellishments to make the design interesting.

Final words

The art and décor you pick for your living room can make or break the style you’re hoping to create. That said, it’s essential that you take your time and learn how to choose the elements smartly and creatively. Consider your personality, along with what you’d truly love for your home. Hopefully, all the tips above could help you turn this project into a stylish success.