8 Common Mistakes on Arranging Outdoor Patio Furniture

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Designing your patio space and adding the right décor and furniture can be a tricky process. This is not an indoor space, and there are tons of different factors that you need to consider.

Considering that you have to think differently, people end up making a lot of mistakes that lead to confusion and an unorganized patio space that just does not look good. Therefore, we are highlighting some of the mistakes that you must avoid while arranging the furniture of your patio.

img source: freepik.com

Not Getting The Right Furniture

The first mistake that people make when working on a patio is not getting the right furniture. Every patio is different, and you need to buy furniture that best complements the outdoor space. At Wickerpark you will find tons of beautiful furniture options to decorate your patio.

When buying furniture, you need to understand the kind of space you have. Take a look at all the elements, including windows, doors, railing, staircases, etc., and see how they affect the flow of the space. Moreover, measure the area as this will help in choosing the furniture pieces that work the best.

Lack Of A Focal Point

Do not just start arranging your furniture where you see some space. Once you have selected the right furniture, consider how you are planning to arrange them. Start by focusing on a central point around which all the furniture will be arranged.  Think about what you want to see when seated; do you want the patio seats to offer a good view of the yard, landscape, city view, or the pool. If you have a fire pit, surround the side tables and chairs around it to get a cozy vibe.

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Not Creating A Good Flow

When arranging the patio furniture, there needs to be a flow that connects all the elements of that space. Always aim to make the space open. Consider the plants, entryway, and other elements to see how much space you have to add furniture. There needs to be enough space for people to move around.

Moreover, if you are placing the furniture close to your wall, place the longer furniture against it. This will add length and give more space for the smaller pieces. Maintain a sufficient pathway around your seating area so that there are no interruptions during the conversation. Moreover, if you have a grill area, ensure to keep your furniture at a safe distance.

Lack Of Balance In The Arrangement

With tons of patio arrangement ideas like small bistro sets, modular patio furniture, etc., there are so many ways to design a balanced furniture arrangement for your patio. While you do not necessarily have to keep your furniture symmetrical, there needs to be a sense of balance in the way you arrange them.

If you have a massive patio, then try to divide the space into different sections with seating options. Instead of cramming all your furniture in one area, you should utilize the space and create a more balanced appearance. You can include sofa seating in one section and add dining seating closer to the grill area.

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Not Considering The Summer

You are likely to host many guests in different seasons. What about the time when you are hosting a summer party or having a friend or two over to chill on the poolside? Consider adding some seats in areas where there is proper shade. Make use of your yard to place the seating under the tree. Additionally, also add umbrellas, pergolas, awnings, etc., to add shade wherever you can. You need to create a balance in how you have exposed the furniture arrangement to natural elements.

No Sense Of Personal Style

Your patio should include a sense of style that resonates with you. Look for furniture, accessories, and other elements that reflect your personality. If you like greenery, then arrange your furniture in a way that you can add some small plants in and around it.

Additionally, your patio is a place where you will be relaxing; therefore, there should be a comfortable vibe to the overall seating arrangement. Complement your patio seating with throw pillows, handmade goods, scented candles, mugs, and wine glasses. You can also include outdoor lighting to accentuate the cozy element.

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Not Making Good Use Of Small Spaces

People often make the mistake of making small spaces appear even smaller by adding too many elements. And just because you are dealing with small spaces, you do not have to compromise on the design vision of the patio arrangement. You can choose three-piece wicker collections or small bistro sets for having a relaxed time.

When making the arrangements, make sure that you leave room for movement so that your space does not look cramped. Additionally, you can add small vases, rugs, lighting, etc., to add character to your small patio area.

Not Focusing on Proper Poolside Seating

When you are arranging furniture by your poolside, choose modular pieces that can be easily moved around. This is because lounging often moves from a single sunbathing to group cocktails during a party. Therefore you should be able to make the necessary shift easily. Focus on creating small seating pockets around the edges of your pool. Moreover, keeping seating and dining in one section. Coming to the fire pit arrangement, make sure you leave the necessary space for people to move around.

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Final Thoughts

Arranging your patio furniture is primarily about combining your personal sense of style with a couple of basic rules of designing. Focusing on keeping an open space with good movement is the best way to arrange your furniture. It is your patio, and you should add the elements that speak to you.

When doing so, make sure that overall the patio looks appealing, spacious, and cozy. Above are some mistakes that you should strictly avoid when designing patio furniture. Once you have arranged the furniture in the right manner, you can accentuate the appearance of your space with lighting, art pieces, greenery, etc., to create an overall theme of your patio.