When Do You Need To Apply For A Sponsor Licence In The UK?

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It is important in life to use all the opportunities that are presented to us. It means using everything that appears in front of us as a good chance for progress in terms of work or education. But also on the other side, you need to use the opportunities to bring young prosperous people to work and study in your country, especially when it comes to countries like the United Kingdom. This country offers many opportunities for all legal entities that would like to receive employees from other countries and students that would be part of their company or educational institution. But there is one thing called Sponsor License.

The sponsor license is a document that all companies and universities that want to accept a foreign citizen receive. This document is mandatory and all that is required is to apply for sponsorship license, have all the documents ready, and wait for your request to be approved. The document applies to one person and guarantees the person’s stay in the UK. But in what cases do you need to secure this type of permission from the UK authorities? We talk more about this topic today when we bring you many more details that will clarify everything about the sponsor license so that you can complete the process when necessary and in the right way. Let’s get started!

When is the right time to apply for a sponsorship license?

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We are sure that you come from one of the many successful companies in the UK that want to constantly expand their team and bring in new people from other cultures, with other habits, but above all people from other countries. If you have a plan to employ people from EU countries, Switzerland, or any other country, you need to have a sponsorship license. It is applied for at the same moment when you find out the person you want to hire. Why? Because without this important approval from the state, you could not start the process of hiring the person.

What documents do you need to start the sponsorship license process?

The state is the one that sets the rules through laws. One of the rules you need to be aware of and respect is the sponsor’s license which you only need if you are employing people coming from outside the UK who are not UK citizens. Of course, you need to submit complete documentation to be able to get the license, and what you need to submit is the following: Latest audited annual accounts, Employer’s liability insurance certificate, Certificate of VAT registration, Latest corporate bank account statement, HMRC registration evidence, such as including PAYE number and accounts office reference number. You need to submit the complete prepared documentation to The home office, from where they process the request and send you a response.

How long does it take to get a response for this license?

After submitting all the necessary documents that we indicated above, you need to wait a certain time. The time it usually takes to respond to a sponsor’s license is about 8 weeks. This deadline for some companies is too long if they urgently need a new employee, but the whole procedure can regularly take less time. If you really need a faster response you have the option of paying an extra £500 to speed up the process and get a response in around 10 days.

Is it easy to get this type of approval?

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If you have prepared everything necessary in the package with complete documentation, in that case, the procedure goes easily and you will receive an answer quickly. Is it easy to get the license? Yes, if everything is in order with the documentation. You can get a positive answer even easier if you need a long-term employee for a specific important position or if you want to give full employment to a top professional in your company. Things are pretty simple, all that matters is that you follow the rules imposed by UK law.

How do you know that your company will receive this important license?

You only need to be carefree if you fulfill some of the following important things. What is that? You need to work fairly and not have any penalties imposed by the state. Then it is important that all results are transparent to you and that you have no losses or debts. Another thing that is also very important is compliance with all the prescribed laws and regulations in the past, but also all legal deadlines that exist in the UK. If these and all other important factors are in order then you don’t need to stress at all because the UK authorities will approve your application and give you the opportunity to employ a new person who is from the UK.

The most important thing is to ask for a sponsorship license in time and then get and feel all the benefits of this license

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The most important thing that most companies forget is the timely application for this important document. Therefore, it is important that you are not another one of these companies and choose to get this important document that will allow you to employ a foreign citizen in your company. Start collecting all the necessary documentation on time, follow every direction that the regulations tell you, and if necessary, ask for help from a lawyer or other professional to prepare the necessary documents on time and submit the application.


From the information, it can be seen that the sponsor license is incredibly important. It is important because without it you would not be able to hire a new person who is coming from another country, is not a UK citizen, and therefore would not be able to make an impact in the company. Therefore, be coordinated and start the process in time to be able to bring in excellent staff who would work with pleasure for the progress of your company.