Best Applications for Educators and Teachers in 2024

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The rate at which technology keeps advancing implies that the education sector will also improve when smart devices are used. Teachers can modify learning techniques by integrating smart devices such as phones, tablets, and even laptops to convey the information to students during the learning process. According to MyEssayGeek, both students and teachers can connect and learn more through the use of modern applications, thanks to technology. If you are a teacher and you always want to update your students even when they are at home, make use of the following applications.

Best Applications a Teacher Can Use

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  • Seesaw

No parent wishes failure upon their kids. The dreams of parents become true when their kids perform great consistently in academics. The seesaw application helps to track the progress of the students throughout the period they are in school. The app enables students to share their progress with their parents while teachers can highlight the overall performance of the students through the platform. As a result, the students learn about the areas they need to put in more effort and improve.

  • Slack

Slack is not only made for business purposes but also for learning objectives. Students, together with their teachers and professors, are exclusively relying on slack for communication purposes. Essential reminders, announcements, assignments, questions, and answers can be successfully transmitted through slack. In the end, students will always be updated on the learning progress.

  • Additio

Gone are the days when the paperwork was involved in keeping student’s grades, attendance, and notes. Additio is a modern application that lets teachers calculate grades, update the attendance routine of students, and make the timetable all on our mobile phone. However, to get access to more stable features of Additio, you pay a monthly fee of $8.

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  • Dropbox

Dropbox is a common, well-known application. It is the best app to store information such as assignments, photos for presentation, videos, and any other useful data you may require while at home or in class. The benefits of Dropbox is that you can create and edit Microsoft Office files exclusively on your phone.

  • Zoom

Zoom has made work bearable for teachers, students, parents, and even other family members, be it at school or home. You can conduct an online meeting with different people effectively with zoom. As for teachers, they can share files with students, plan lessons, instant chats, and give instructions. The free version of zoom applies to only 1 to 1 meeting within 40 minutes. However, you can pay a monthly fee of $15 to enjoy more services.

  • Pocket

If you like going through some revisions from what you learned previously, the pocket is the best application for you. With the pocket app, you can save educational materials in the form of videos, articles, and other content from the web. The best thing about pocket is that you can even view the content you had previously saved when offline.

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  • Google Slides

Well, you have probably heard about Google Slides before. However, it seems that many teachers are not aware of the benefits they can get. First of all, the app is completely free and very simple to use. You only need to go to Google Playstore and download it to your Android device.

Each educator will have the option to create and edit presentations. Students of today like to learn from this type of educational material. Content without images is demotivational and won’t be effective as you imagine.

An even better thing is that you can share your work with others from your Android tablet or phone. In other words, you can create the presentation while you are in a cafe, at work, etc.

  • Comic and Meme Creator

As we previously said, people do not like to study things that seem complex at first glance. Because of that, a huge number of images is something you need to include in your educational material. One of the ways to do that is by creating stories in a fun and interesting way.

Have you ever tried to teach students something new through comics? Well, this app allows users to use a wide range of superheroes and create an engaging educational comic. Despite that, it allows you to upload different sorts of images directly from the device you use. You can find it on PlayStore and download it for free.

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  • Tynker

This app might not match the needs of everyone, but it deserves to be on this list. Coding itself is tough for the majority of beginners. Because of that, educators need to find the best possible way to share their knowledge. Well, Tynker allows you to teach students coding through a puzzle. Together with the puzzle, students will get the assistance of drones and robots. Their purpose is to provide step-by-step coding tutorials more interestingly.

  • Weebly

Weebly brings three amazing options for every teacher. First of all, it allows them to design their portfolio easily. Despite that, they will have the chance to catalog the learning process of their students through websites and blogs.

Finally, this app is especially useful now when the entire world is facing a Coronavirus pandemic. You get the chance to use the editing screen and provide students with a real-time view. In this way, you can directly explain to them the lessons that you are sharing with them.

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  • Remind

Believe it or not, this app currently has more than 10 million downloads. It is available for iOS and Android devices as well. The communication between teachers, parents, and students is crucial for the development of a young adult. Thanks to this app, educators can organize a group chat with all of them. Despite that, they can also use it to contact each student individually.

The app recognizes 70 different languages which is a great thing for students and parents that are non-native English speakers. The app will translate the language of the teacher to the language of the parents. In this way, the level of communication effectiveness will remain high.


As a teacher, the best achievement you can make is keeping your students in touch all the time despite where they are. Updating your students, checking on their progress, assigning tasks, and giving guidelines is the best feeling a passionate teacher can ever have. All this is possible only through the above applications. Explore them and experience the best.