Reality Star Calls For Bigger Seats On Planes And Theme Parks

Image source: Instagram

The 20-year-old Amy Tapper who lost an impressive three stone last year called for more variety in seating options that are inclusive of larger body sizes. Although she doesn’t have to ask for larger seat belts anymore, Amy recounted her embarrassment on previous plane journeys.

“I need to look around and check no one is looking for me while I ask for an extension belt… I feel ashamed of it because it’s not the norm”, Amy said.

Image source: Instagram

During her conversation with Vas Morgan on his “I Am Enough” video chat the reality star recalled her own heartbreaking past experiences: “We went to Disney and we went to the Harry Potter section and there was one ride my mum and brother were talking about all day – a 4D simulator and when we got to the front there was a seat to test if the belt would lock. Me and my dad couldn’t go on the ride and I was so upset”.

Image source: Instagram

She emphasized: “I want to help people. I want to promote variations of people. On airplanes and in theme parks. I shouldn’t be in that situation where I feel uncomfortable. People shouldn’t be embarrassed”.

It was last year that Amy and her dad decided to turn their health around and lost an incredible 52lbs each.

Image source: Instagram


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