Tattooed Model Amber Luke Shared Some “Before And After” Pics

Image source: Instagram

Australian model Amber Luke who shot to fame when she started sharing photos of her intricate body art has shocked people with her latest image. The 24-year-old’s most stand-out features include blackout tattoos on her arms and bold calligraphy on her face. She also has jaw-dropping characteristics include dermal piercings and eyes that have been inked a bright shade of blue.

Image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

On Instagram, she shared a snap of what she used to look like in her teenage years. In the throwback image, she posed in a baby blue prom dress. With her delicate nails and sparkly silver jewelry, her long blonde locks are strikingly different to the blue hairdo she’s rocking at the moment.

Image source: Instagram

Amber first started her tattoo addiction aged 14, when she was battling depression. Since then, she’s been tattooed more than 100 times which totaled more than $30K. The model has braved body modification procedures too, from eyeball inkings to a painful tongue-splitting procedure.

Image source: Instagram
Image source:

“Four years of pushing past waves of anxiety when getting tattooed, four heavy years of testing my mentality”.




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