All You Need To Know About Water Damage Restoration

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There are a lot of things that you don’t wrap your brain around until it happens to you, and one of those things is water damage. Water can cause unimaginable damage to your property, and you should know that even a small leak can cause you great trouble.

It doesn’t matter if you have a major leak or just a persistent drip that lasts for days, both scenarios can cost you a lot of money, and they can be dangerous and cause great harm to your health and well-being.

We are going to break down what can cause water damage, what risks come with it and what you need to know about water damage restoration, in this article.

Water Damage

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Simply said, water damage is damage caused to your house or any kind of property by water. Typically it can be a result of a flood, a burst pipe or a water main. There are three water damage categories; the first category being the one when the water is clean, the second category is when the water may have bacteria in it, and the third category is the one when the water is dirty and toxic and can cause severe illness. It should be noticed that in the third category dirty water can cause infections and illness, and in some cases even death. So you should know that floods can be very dangerous and something that you shouldn’t deal with alone.

When you have a flood it is easy to see the damage and the cause of water damage, but most times people don’t notice they have a problem until they see some major symptoms. Some of the sings that you have a problem with water are dripping water, soft walls and floors, tiles peeling, discoloration, and of course puddles. You should be always on the lookout so you can be sure to spot the problem before it causes you vast damage.

Always Look For The First Signs of Water Damage

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It’s always easier to prevent a problem in the first place than it is to clean it up, and you should always remember this. You can’t prevent floods that are caused by nature, but you can take care of your property and your house, do regular home maintenance and decrease the chances of major problems.

Regularly inspect the plumbings everywhere in your house, like in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and basement. According to, you should look for the alarming sings, like leaky pipes, soft walls, discoloration, mold, puddles, and cracks in foundation walls, once a quarter of the year, or even two times a year.

If you discover a broken supply line, a sewage backup, or any other problem, you immediately need to react. Don’t wait for it to become an even bigger problem.

With water there isn’t a small problem, even something that looks small can become an enormous problem. Even a really small amount of water can destroy the home you love. At the beginning of the spring be sure to inspect your roof for leaks, because when the snow starts to melt the water can work its way into the roof decking. If you don’t do this you risk the deterioration of your structural beams.

What You Should Do If You Notice Water Damage Signs

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Whether you notice a small water leak or a great water flood you should immediately call a professional to help you with the restoration. The sooner the better, because water can destroy almost anything, deteriorate any kind of material, and cause mold to form in less than 24 hours.

If the leak is caused by your pipes you should instantly turn off the stop tap. Another thing that you can do before the professionals arrive is to move anything valuable so that it can’t be destroyed by water. For your safety always turn off the electricity if you know where your fuse box is. If it’s a big flood, you shouldn’t panic and the most important thing you should think of is your safety and the safety of your family. Material things are not valuable like human life, and because of that the most significant thing you should do is leave the premises of the property.

What Will The Specialists From Water Damage Restoration Company Do

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If you didn’t manage to find the location from where the water is coming, the specialist from the water damage company will do that. They will also do some immediate repairing if it’s necessary. The most important thing will be done at this first stage, and the water will be stopped from making any more damage to your house or property.

After that, the damage will be evaluated and the restoration will begin. What will be done include clearing the area and disposing of everything that was destroyed by water? Before that everything that can be saved will be moved out. If there is a great amount of water it can be removed with submersible and truck-mounted pumps. One of the most important steps is drying your property with air scrubbers and dehumidifiers. This is crucial because this way you won’t need to be afraid of mold and any other nasty stuff. The property to be safe again for living needs to be cleaned with antibacterial and disinfectant products. Anything that needs to be fixed and repaired should be done by the restoration company.

Every step to prevent future water damage should be done, and you should inform on how you can prevent it by yourself.

Best Advice On How To Prevent Future Water Damage

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  • Regularly check your plumbing
  • Regularly check your roofing
  • Always use good insulation in your windows and walls
  • Clean your gutters so that they don’t overspill
  • Use the best possible material when fixing things around your house
  • Make sure that you use pipes made out of quality material
  • Secure your basement and make sure you have good ventilation there

You should always be prepared for the worst, and that way you can protect yourself from harm.