All About the Custom Printed Boxes

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We know that the use of custom packaging is rising with every coming day. Whether it’s USA, UK or Canada the product boxes are used very frequently by the people. Now the trend of using these boxes is also rising in Europe. For every product, you would require some packaging material. For that, you have two options. First is the use of pre-made items and the second option is known as a custom one.

Pre-made packaging is the product that is available in standard sizes, dimensions, and colors. You cannot change these packs according to your requirements. Pre-made items are still used by many of the people but intelligent companies and business owners are now shifting towards custom packaging with examples such as QuickBoxesPackaging, who are operating in the USA.

While custom packaging means that you are able to customize your box into any style, shape, and size according to your own desire. Like pre-made packaging, these items can also be shipped in 7-8 business days at your doorstep with a variety of options and offset printing.

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Now there is a very simple question that why we should use custom packaging instead of pre-made? Well, we will answer this question in very detail.

There are many benefits of using custom boxes that you cannot get by using the pre-made packaging items. Now we will discuss some great benefits of using them for your products.


  • You can customize your product box into any style, shape, and size
  • Offset printing on the materials make them very attractive
  • You can also place the logo of your company on your products that are the most effective marketing campaign nowadays
  • These boxes are economical in pricing
  • You can get free design and shipping services by many renowned companies in the USA
  • You also have an option of additional Matte or Gloss Lamination
  • You can choose from the variety of stock including cardboard, rigid, Kraft and corrugated stock.
  • Moreover, you can also select the thickness of your stock in custom made boxes
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All the above-mentioned features are not available in pre-made items. There is no such price difference between them but you can get these amazing features in the custom boxes that are absent in the pre-made packaging.

Although the rigid stock is known as the luxury stock and is also expensive as compared to the other categories of custom boxes. This stock is used for the packaging of luxury items like mobile phones, tablets, etc. In the category of a rigid material, the option of foldable rigid boxes is an economical option as it saves the shipping costs.

People who know the importance of marketing for any business are never reluctant to invest in advertising. Although there is a factor of risk in every campaign, the use of custom packaging is an economical and risk-free option for you.