9 Top Air Filter Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Breathing air full of disease-causing impurities can lead to breathing conditions. It can make your home look uncomfortable.  That’s why you need the right air filters. Choose the right size. Clean your filters regularly. Don’t overuse replaceable air filters. Preferably, air filters should be changed once a month. Choose 20x20x4 furnace filters for high-quality air. Don’t make the following air filter mistakes.

1. Not Changing It

Don’t ignore your HVAC system. In particular, don’t forget to change the air filters. Air filters can gather dust and debris. This will interfere with the efficiency of your HVAC system. Plus, old filters will not efficiently purify your air. As a result, your home will have air impurities that can cause breathing issues.

Change your filters regularly. Preferably, think about replacing them after every 30 days. Don’t breathe dirty air. Don’t breathe dusty air. Purchase new filters and make your home comfortable again.

2. Wrong Size


Size matters a lot. Different HVAC systems require air filters of different sizes. Thus, it’s important to measure the size of your HVAC system first.

Where will you install your filter? Measure that space. Don’t purchase too small an air filter. Also, a too big air filter will not fit into that space. Loosely instilled filters will allow air to pass through. The right size will filter particles, letting your family breathe high-quality air.

3. Incorrect Installation

Get the installation correct. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Take your time to install your air filter. It should face the right direction. Ignoring installation instructions will damage your filter and the HVAC system. It can also cause serious issues, resulting in costly HVAC repairs. Still more, it can reduce the efficiency of your system, leading to huge utility bills.

4. Wrong Filter Type

Choose the suitable types of air filters. Choose a type of filter that has the qualities your HVAC system requires. Pay attention to the type of material used to make the HVAC system. Choose filters with high efficiency. Check the MERV rating of your system. If you don’t want to change your filter regularly, choose reusable air filters. Always, keep in mind the efficiency of your system when selecting your air filters.

5. Not Carrying Out Regular  HVAC Inspections

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Carry out regular HVAC inspections. Regular inspections will identify issues, especially those relating to your HVAC system. Inspections will identify installation-related issues. Inspect your system during the summer and winter periods.

Hire a professional to carry out regular inspections. Identifying issues early will save you from costly huge repairs.

6. Not Considering MERV rating

Don’t ignore the MERV rating when selecting your air filter. This rating is used to evaluate the efficiency of your filters. It shows you how the filter will capture the air particles. A Higher MERV rating means that the filter will capture more particles. If you live in a dusty area, choose high MERV-rated filters.

7. Working With Substances That Are Incompatible With The Liquid Being Processed

The adage “you have to have compatibility” with regards to relationships is probably one you’ve heard. Choosing the appropriate components for your filtration system is similar, though. You could be in for a bumpy trip if the filtering materials you use don’t work with the fluid’s chemistry or temperature. The base, the filter substrate, and the seals are typically the three major elements that make up a filter element. In order to maintain the integrity of the structure of filter media, the filter core is extremely important. The filter’s support structure literally depends on it. The weak core may give way under pressure, crushing the filter, if the operating temperature or fluid chemicals compromise its structural integrity. The result would be the discharge of all confined impurities into the fluid downstream, which is a circumstance that should be avoided.

8. Equipment Manual for Filtration Process Not Read Thoroughly

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Undoubtedly, a key focus should be giving your equipment the necessary installation and upkeep. Nevertheless, there are still some who view instructions as being more of a “recommendation” than a rigid collection of instructions. The challenge? Some store bookcases are not what you have here. It would be disastrous to disobey the instructions because they are not just suggestions. You run the risk of not only destroying your equipment by disregarding the manuals and SOPs for it, but also of endangering the safety and wellness of everyone using it.

Every filter housing, for instance, has a higher pressure limit at a specific temperature. Your equipment’s handbook will always contain this information, and it is also frequently printed on the device itself. Operating outside of these parameters can cause serious or even deadly injuries, as well as irreparable equipment damage. Despite how grim that sounds, the remedy is as easy as studying the handbook! The majority of manuals do a decent job of making safety information prominent in a way that is easily noticeable.

9. Missing The Opportunity to Evacuate The Air From The Filtration Housings At Setup

Finally, let’s make a mistake that won’t have such dire repercussions. The air must be vented from the filtration dwellings as they fill with liquid when your filtration system is first turned on for a run. This is a step that novice users frequently forget to perform. How come this is a problem? The bubble of air that forms inside the housing prevents the fluid from entering it entirely. Because of this, the flow rate isn’t slowed down by the liquid filling up the entire volume of water of the filtration inside.

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The Bottom-Line

As you’ve seen, there are numerous methods to perform filters inadvertently and fail to achieve the desired results. After reading this article, hopefully, you’ll have a clearer grasp of these problems, why they’re important, and how to fix them. The moral of the story is this: don’t allow the stress of the situation cause you to act hastily out of desperation when the challenges in your way become too great. Ask someone who has traveled the path before for assistance instead. In this way, you will be able to avoid any dangerous mishaps that would in turn help you in not making a mistake the next time you try to do it yourselves. Don’t forget to change your air filters. Purchase the right size. Install your air filters correctly. Choose the right type. Don’t forget to carry out regular HVAC inspections. Don’t ignore MERV ratings. Don’t make the above air filter mistakes.