What Are After Sales Services And Why Are They Important?


Customer retention is one of the most important aspects that every business should focus on to boost their profits. It is paramount for every brand to satisfy their customers in every way possible. A satisfied customer always talks about their beloved brands with their friends and family. This helps your brand to reach out to a larger audience. After sales services are the best component that businesses can use to improve the customer’s experience. In this article, you will talk about after sales services, their importance and types.

What Do You Mean By After Sales Services?

After-sales services are any assistance that is provided by the company to the customer after buying their products. It is also termed as After-sales support. It can be provided by the manufacturer, retailer, or any third-party client service. For various companies, these services are as important as the commencing purchases. But why are they beneficial for every business? Let us find this out below:

Importance Of After-Sales Services

  • Word-of-mouth referrals:

Word-of-mouth referrals are the most valuable assets that every business can have. Happy customers always spread words about your brand, which leads you to reach a large audience. People who receive word-of-mouth referrals about your company are more likely to increase your conversion rate than the leads coming from any other sources. According to a research, it has been found that over 65% of new company’s leads are generated by referrals.

  • Adds value to your brand:

Whenever a customer purchases any product from your brand, it becomes your responsibility to take care of every detail during the process. You should provide consultancy service to your customers every day. This is what will make you stand out from your competitors because most companies do not work on weekends. A client will always consider purchasing from a brand that provides assistance almost every day. Therefore, you can say that After-sales services add a lot of extra value to our brand.

  • Reduces marketing expenses:

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If your company is providing satisfactory services to its clients, it does not have to worry about the different marketing strategies. As mentioned, word-of-mouth is the most powerful referral and it helps in bringing potential customers to your business. If these referrals are working the best for you, then you might not have to spend so much on marketing. You can say that your marketing expenses will reduce drastically by providing After-sales services to your clients.

  • Increases your profits:

Loyal customers always like purchasing from the same brand that provides them the best customer experience. After-sales services are a great option to enhance your client’s experience. Check out ContacterSAV to know which after-sales services can help you increase the profits of your brand.

Types Of After-Sales Services

  • User training:

Providing training to the user on how to use your products is one of the most valuable After-sales services. It is not easy for a client to operate machinery without any guidance. If your business deals in such machineries, it would be beneficial for you to provide user training. It will help the client in handling the machines with proper care so that it does not cause any damage.

  • Warranty:

Another most important type of After-sales service is warranty. Large organizations such as Apple always provide warranty to their clients whenever they purchase their products. In this, the customer is allowed to replace the product if it is defective in a given time period. Some businesses also provide extended warranties to their clients on paying extra amount for it. It is very helpful especially in the case of electronic items.

  • 24/7 Customer support:

Satisfying a client is not an easy task for the companies. They have to provide proper assistance to the customers to retain them. Even after they have purchased products from you, you have to keep providing them 24/7 customer support to get their loyalty. For this, you can take the help of live chat and chatbots. They have become very popular these days. Almost every website has a live chat option wherein clients can get the answers to their queries without waiting for a long time.

  • Freebies:

Who doesn’t love getting free products? Giving freebies that include small size sample products would be the best option to lure the clients to purchase the full size products. Other freebie services include free of cost delivery, free repair within a specific period, insurance, complementary items, and informational products such as manuals.

  • Exchange and returns:

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For a Limited timeframe organizations give free exchange of the item in the event of any doubt. But there are different terms and conditions applied to it. In some cases, exchange might be of the whole gadget, and in other cases, exchange might be just of the damaged part. Companies like Amazon have a great exchange and return policies, which is why they generate huge revenues.

  • Pre-installation services:

Most products come with an instruction manual that can be used to install them. However, there are some products that need expertise. For example, air conditioners and ceiling fans. It is not possible for you to install them on your own. In such cases, companies should consider providing pre-installation services to their customers. It is one of the best After-sales services that you can include in your business.

To Sum Up

It is very important for a business to provide quality services to its clients. It helps in retaining the customers. Happy customers always spread word-of-mouth referrals about their favorite brands. These referrals can be helpful for you to generate profits. Therefore, if you want to enhance the customer experience while shopping with your brand, you should consider providing them After-sales services.

The major benefits of After-sales services are increase in profits, adds value to your brand, and reduction in marketing expenses. Check out the above points to know more about these services.