Adult holiday destinations you’ll love

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Sometimes you just want to have a vacation without taking the whole family with you. More to the point perhaps is that you might want a vacation where you also don’t have other people’s children constantly running around. You just want to be able to relax with a few drinks, and maybe visit a casino or an adult show. In your downtime, you can use the to spend a few pleasant hours gambling on the internet, before heading out into the night without worrying about bedtime or babysitters.

Las Vegas

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Vegas is one of the top locations for an adult-only vacation. While there’s also plenty to do there with a family, you can only really experience the true flavor of Sin City when you leave the children at home. Of course, you’ll want to check out the world-famous casinos such as Caesar’s Palace and have a drink or two at one of the many themed bars around the strip.

You’ll also want to take in a show or two. Fans of burlesque are going to be spoilt for choice, with the likes of Fantasy at Luxor boasting some of the best erotic dancers in the world. Those with more of a taste for the bizarre might want to check out the Cirque du Soleil. The most renowned extreme circus in the world presents an “erotic thrill ride” called Zumanity that really has to be seen to be believed.


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Legal cannabis may no longer be the novelty it once was, now that many US and Canadian states have also freed the weed, but there’s still a certain excitement to be had visiting the famous Amsterdam coffee houses, where they’ve been supplying visitors with some of the finest quality marijuana for decades. The sheer variety available will knock you out, probably literally. But there’s more to do in Amsterdam for adults than just smoke and get high.

A tour of the city’s notorious red-light district is also top of many adults’ Amsterdam to-do lists. The good news is that this is actually far less seedy than in many cities around the world, largely because everything is out in the open and properly regulated. But being an adult also means being able to visit museums and art galleries without being distracted by the short attention span of small children.

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The Museumplein is the place to start, with the Van Gogh Museum taking pride of place alongside galleries devoted to both historical and contemporary art. There are museums elsewhere in Amsterdam that are definitely for adults only, like the famous Torture Museum and the Erotic Museum, which takes up three floors of an old warehouse in the heart of the Red Light District and is a guaranteed eye-opener.

St. Lucia

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There are many adult-only luxury resorts around the world dedicated to helping grown-ups relax and enjoy themselves without the distraction of having small children underfoot. Many are all-inclusive, with food and drink included in the price. The Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia is ideal for a high-end romantic getaway, with whirlpool tubs and infinity pools included in many suites. The resort is also eco-friendly and serves award-winning, locally-sourced organic food.

Monte Carlo

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Another iconic casino holiday location is Monte Carlo in Monaco, though this is far from being Europe’s answer to Las Vegas. Elegance and style are the key elements here, in this proud independent principality nestled on the European edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The Casino de Monte Carlo is undoubtedly the prime attraction and is a breath-taking historic location whether you want to try your hand at the tables or not.

Mingle with the international jet set, and play the slots or join in a game of European roulette while feeling like James Bond. Then step out onto the terrace to enjoy the gentle warm sea breeze and the stunning view of the lights over the harbor. During the day, make sure you visit the Palais du Prince as well, for a real taste of what old-world luxury can be.

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These are just a few possibilities for your next adult vacation. Ultimately the whole point of taking a trip as an adult is to do what you want, free from the responsibilities of children. Whether you travel as a couple, with a group of friends or on your own, the world really is your oyster. And you’ll find that you appreciate family life all the more on your return.