Adrianne Curry-Rhode Breast-Implant Agony

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Former reality TV star Adrienne Curry-Rhode went through grueling experience of removing her breast implants which she documented extensively on her blog Silicone from her implants began leaking and melting into her flesh causing not only her breasts to look uneven but triggered major health problems.

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Curry-Rhode, who became famous after winning “America’s Next Top Model”, was very honest putting herself in the public eye throughout her transformation every step of the way. Her fans were able to see the true anguish she was going through, and hopefully learn something about the meaning of self-confidence from her experience.

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“I’ve tossed the dice and lost EVERY time I did ANYTHING for vanity. Don’t do it, guys.” she said.

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FDA issued a warning, and had a two-day hearing, regarding Allergan’s recall of its implants due to their link for causing certain types of cancer. Many celebrities outspoke about the issue including Victoria Beckham, Sharon Osbourne and Crystal Hefner.