A Care and Maintenance Guide for Micro-Ring Hair Extension Wearers

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With the right care, micro-ring extensions can last for up to five months. Quality hair extensions don’t come cheap, so it pays to know how to correctly care for them to avoid damage later on.

Along with following all of your stylist’s aftercare instructions, here are some additional tips to ensure you can enjoy your new locks for many months to come.

Caring for Micro-Ring Extensions: A Brief Guide

Regular brushing makes a huge difference

Save time by avoiding tangles. You can do this by brushing your hair extensions every day at least twice a day. To do this without tugging on your natural strands, gather the hair to one side so that you can grasp it firmly. You can now start brushing from the ends up. An added bonus would be to purchase a detangling brush.

Showers are better

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We all love a long soak in a hot bath but when you have micro-ring extensions, showers are a better option, particularly if you want to wash your hair. To wash your hair in the shower, use a wide-toothed comb to brush out your extensions. Make sure that the water pressure isn’t too hard. Once you’ve gently wet your hair, apply a sulfate-free shampoo and avoid scrubbing your hair to avoid tangles. Apply a high-quality conditioner to the roots of your hair before gently rinsing your locks. You can get a better idea of the type of hair care products you should be using here: https://jadorehairsupplies.com.au/

Swimming pools should be avoided

Chlorinated water will damage your natural hair as well as your extensions, which is why it should be avoided. If you will be spending time in the pool, keep your strands out of the water by braiding or tying them up in a ponytail. It’s ok if your locks end up getting wet, just don’t spend hours in salt or chlorinated pool and rinse your hair thoroughly afterward. 

Protect your locks while sleeping

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Another way that you can avoid tangles and a lengthy morning routine is to create a loose braid before you sleep. This will prevent your strands from twisting and moving during the night.

Don’t comb into the rings

Styling extensions is not difficult but it’s important to not comb too deeply. When styling, gentle combing using a wide-toothed comb will be most beneficial. By hitting the rings, you could detach the extensions or damage your natural strands. 

Perms and dyeing are still possible

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It is still possible to perm or color your hair provided your salon protects the micro-rings. If you are planning a perm or dye your locks at home, you will need to do the same. However, since this can be complicated, it’s always best to receive treatment at a professional salon. 

Keep ponytails to a minimum

Wearing ponytails too often can damage your locks. Ponytails are sleek and convenient but it’s best to keep them to a minimum if you want to maintain your tresses. 

If you’ve recently had micro-ring extensions installed or you’re still considering it, your routine will only require some minor adjustments in order to care for your new locks. Plus, those beautiful, long strands are well worth it.