8 Things That You Need to Have in Your Garden

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Although winter is here, you might be thinking about taking on gardening in 2024. However, if you have never gardened before, you probably do not know what tools do you need in your shed that will keep your garden in perfect condition. And if you are in that situation, this article might help you clear the confusion a little bit.

In the text below, you will be able to learn what are the basic tools that you need to have, as well as some tools that will simply make your life easier. Let’s take a closer look at the article:

Eight Gardening Tools That Are a Must-Have

There are some basic tools that you should opt for getting first, these tools include:

  1. A Hand-held Trowel For a Wide Range of Tasks

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If you want to perform a wide range of everyday tasks, you will want to purchase a hand-held trowel. Now, you can use this tool for various things such as transferring seedlings from a pot to the ground, digging up those annoying weeds that are suffocating your plants, breaking up soil, as well as digging up smaller holes.

Whether you have a small or large garden, you will use this tool daily and you might be amazed by how it can be used for different gardening tasks. If you choose to spend a bit more money on a high-quality trowel, you should opt for one that has a strong, metal blade, and a wooden handle that is durable and tough. On the sites like Garden Tool Shed, you can find buying guides on the best and most durable trowels on the market.

  1. At Least One Watering Can And a Watering Hose

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If you have planted directly in the ground, you should opt for using a hose. However, you should ensure that it is long enough to reach all areas of your yard. Also, it is not a bad idea to buy a sprayer that you can attach to the hose since you will be able to control the pressure and flow with it.

If you also have some potted plants, you can get a watering can that is light enough to be carried around when it is full. Keep in mind that you should definitely water your plants during the morning when it is not so warm outside. Do not choose to water them during the day or in the evening since it will cause bacteria and fungi to grow.

  1. A Top-Dresser For Spreading Different Materials

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If you want to spread a wide range of materials on your lawn or in your yard, you should opt for getting a top-dresser. This tool will allow you to spread various materials including peat moss, lime, wood chips, and other material that will make your garden look like it was maintained by a professional gardener.

It is also worth mentioning that it is an investment that will not cost you a lot of money but will make everything easier for you. Check out this link if you want to find out more information about the best peat moss spreaders you can get.

  1. Pruning Shears to Keep Those Bushes in Perfect Shape

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In order to keep your trees and bushes in shape or to harvest delicious fruits and vegetables, you will need to purchase shears. This will allow you to maintain how your bushes look like, but it will also allow you to make clean cuts at the node of the tree or plant.

The node is where the branches meet the stem, and they usually create a “Y” shape. When your trees/bushes grow enough or if you decided to expend it, you should buy loppers that are designed to cut thicker branches.

  1. A High-Quality Angled Shovel Used For Digging Larger Holes

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Although it is quite obvious that you will need a shovel, it is worth mentioning it in this article since you will be overwhelmed by the number of options you have available. The best shovel you could get is one that has an angled head – which means that its shape is triangular. This will allow you to dog larger holes than with a trowel, move soil or other materials, as well as transplant plants to different locations.

  1. You Will Want to Get a Kneeling Pad

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If you spend a lot of time on your knees when gardening, you will experience sores and aches which is something that can cause other health conditions. Hence, you should consider getting this comfortable pad. You can find them in various shapes, sizes, and designs, and you can have a much better gardening experience without pain.

  1. Sprinklers That Will Water Your Grass or Plants

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As previously mentioned, you can opt for a hose or watering can to water your plants, however, what will happen if you are not at home, and your plants need their daily dose of water? Luckily for you, you can opt for purchasing sprinklers that will do the job for you.

With all the tech innovations, you can now get sprinklers that can be started by using your smartphone, at any time and from any location, hence, you will no longer have to worry about your lawn, flowers, trees, and bushes. All you will have to do is click the button and you are good to go!

  1. A Wheelbarrow For Transferring Materials

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There will be times when you will have to transfer a lot of soil, compost, mulch, fertilizer, or plants and that is exactly why you will need a wheelbarrow in your gardening shed. Although plastic ones are cheaper and lighter, they will not last as long as a metal one.

Metal ones are more durable and you will be able to use them for heavy-duty tasks. If you have a smaller garden, you can opt for getting a simple, plastic bucket – however, keep in mind that you will need to carry it around which can be quite annoying.


There you have it! The eight items mentioned above are necessary for every gardening shed and they will certainly make the process of keeping your garden beautiful easier. Hence, now that you know what you might need, do not waste any more time and start browsing through brick-and-mortar and online stores to find the items that will fit your needs perfectly!