8 Of The Drunkest Countries In The World


Everyone likes to take an occasional drink. The amount of normal drinking varies from country to country. Science is able to define how drunk a certain country is. They just count how many liters of pure alcohol each inhabitant drinks per year, not liters of alcoholic beverages. Here is a list of 8 drunkest countries in the world.

1. Czech Republic

People who live in this country drink more than 14,4 liters of alcohol per year. Eastern Europeans love to drink, especially during cold winters. Perhaps it’s the way they try to keep themselves warm.

2. Belgium

Belgium is known as the country where the best beer is made, so there is no surprise that 12,1 liters of alcohol per person is drank each year.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgarians do not drink as much as Czech people, but 12,7 liters per head is not a small amount either.

4. Ireland

They tend to drink the most during their national holiday. The Irish consume about 13 liters of pure alcohol per one year. This does not include all the other people from the world who drink to celebrate the St. Patrick’s day.

5. Lithuania

This is another country from Eastern Europe, so the fact they drink 15 liters of pure alcohol per year comes as no surprise. This amount of consumed alcohol is very unhealthy and can be very dangerous.

6. Germany

After Belgium, Germany is biggest beer country. Oktoberfest originates from here and it is not shocking that each person drinks about 13,4 liters of alcohol each year. It is not so bad comparing to some other countries from this list.

7. Moldova

An average inhabitant of Moldova consumes about 15,2 liters of pure alcohol per year. That means that one Moldovian drinks 304 liters of beer in one year, considering they drink 5% beer. That’s almost one liter a day, only assuming that every Moldovian drinks.

8. Honorable Mention: United Kingdom

The British drink only 11,5 liters of pure alcohol per year, but an average person gets drunk 51,1 times per year. That means they get drunk once a week.