8 Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 – 2024 Buying Guide

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Choosing the best electric guitar is a very personal thing. High-quality electronics and hardware go hand-in-hand these days. Guitars are forever, and with today’s technology, there are a lot of options.

Various companies are creating masterpieces of high-quality components that are available to everyone. No matter what your preferences are, a single or a double cut, mahogany or ash, a single coil or a humbucker – you will find it, no matter how deep your pockets are!

You can find all types of guitars in this price range – from jazz to heavy metal. Active pickups will give you the ability to deliver a shredding sound.

It will come handy if you have a clear idea of what you would like to do, though: a jazzier smoother sound or a heavy metal sound. Keep in mind that what you want, but even if you make a mistake, these types of guitars can always be resold again. Be sure to buy from a good music store and check in advance the return policies if buying online. In an ideal world, you would be able to test out the guitar, but as you know, that is not always possible.

The top brands you should be looking for

  • Fender (famous for their Stratocaster and Telecaster series)
  • ESP (has some great designers, good for shredders)
  • Ibanez (a Japanese brand that started as a copycat of American companies, but nowadays offers some good models)
  • Schecter (best for heavy metal)
  • Gibson USA (famous for its Les Paul line of instruments)
  • Epiphone (ideal for beginners and on the affordable side)
  • Yamaha (from pianos, motorbikes and AC’s, Yamaha covers it all)

Buying used could also be an option for you; being the first owner of something in which you will hopefully pour in your heart and time has its charm, and is priceless. In any case, you should do your research before buying a used model, but that option should be on the table for you.

Accordingly, we decided to list our top picks for the best electric guitars under $1000.

Fender Player Telecaster

With an alder body and a glossy finish, this beauty represents Fender in it’s all glory.

With a single coil telecaster pickup, it is perfect for delivering that classic Fender tone with a modern twist. Five alnico magnetic pole pieces provide the perfect amount of bass with punchy mids and crisp highs.

  • “C” shape Body with a 22 Fret Neck and a 9.5″ Fingerboard
  • A telecaster bridge with Block Saddles
  • Block saddles with a string-through-body bridge

Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster

A vintage-looking model is available in beautiful colors (Fiesta Red, Daphne Blue, Surf Green, and 2 Colour Sunburst. Fender wanted to capture the 1950’s with this one, and it sure did. With a soft V neck, a maple body, and a genuinely vintage 7.25″ freeboard, it will satisfy all your nostalgic needs.

  • The five-way switch delivers full classic Strat tones
  • Fine details as aged knobs and a switch tip
  • Available in some truly 50’s colors

Schecter Hellraiser C-1

A pick for real metalheads, this beauty rocks the looks and the performance. A mahogany body with a quilted maple top will enhance your sound, and with this one, you will have all the flexibility in the world to play what you want to play.

  • EMG 89 Active Pickups with Alnico V magnets will provide you with all types of sound
  • A sturdy three-piece neck that can stand all conditions
  • TonePros TOM with a Thru Body Bridge will give you a stable bridge that won’t budge at all, providing also better tuning
  • Available in some incredible color schemes

ESP LTD KH-602 Signature Series Kirk Hammett

A model designed by Kirk Hammett from Metallica, which he created on his go-to ESP, will rock your world. An Adler body with neck-thru construction and a Rosewood fingerboard will be an excellent addition to your collection. This one is meant for those who want to tear some walls down when they play.

  • The cheaper brother of the KH-2 which is almost $5000
  • 350mm fingerboard radius
  • A Floyd Rose Bridge and an EMG 60/81 active pickup will deliver that dominating sound

Ibanez Iron Label S Series SIX6FDFM

With a mahogany body and a rosewood fretboard, this beauty by Ibanez has a Sat Pro II Tremolo Bridge with a maple neck. Designed in collaboration with DiMarzio, the Fusion Edge pickup, as they call it, will deliver a sharp and tight tone. Has the distinctive “Nitro Wizard” three-piece neck that is famous for its stability.

  • Featured with a Gibraltar Standard 2 bridge
  • Has a coil tap feature that provides more tonal range
  • On the lighter side, but perfectly balanced

Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HSH

The Californian brand Charvel delivers a simple-looking but premium guitar. An Adler Crushed Orange color body looks astonishing, and it will sound as good as it seems. With a hardtail Seymour Duncan bridge and an Alnico neck, it will give you the power.

  • A two-piece caramelized maple neck
  • Great little details as lighting Luminlay side dots
  • HSH means two humbuckers, so expect a big sound
  • A very versatile set up with a focused sound

ESP LTD EC-Black Metal

If looks could kill, this would kill you twice. This beauty by ESP is a black metal player’s dream come true. With an all-black finish with a Macassar ebony fingerboard will be hit on the stage. A truly “deluxe” instrument in this price range.

  • Has glow in the dark inlays
  • Features a black Seymour Duncan pickup for maximum eye candy
  • Includes LTD locking tuners

Yamaha RevStar RS502T

Designed win the spirit of the ’60s, this will sure dazzle anyone who sees it. A model that incorporates both tradition and innovation, this mahogany body with a maple neck features Alnico V magnets. It will deliver a vintage sound but a bit more snappy than an ordinary single-coil.

  • A dry switch that will come in handy when you want to filter out those lows
  • Custom YGD pickups
  • A specially designed comfort-oriented body made for extended playing sessions

Having said all that, we want to complete this guide by reminding you that buying a guitar can be an interesting journey, just like playing one. Apart from the acoustic guitars presented in this article you can also browse the net on your own. For more details check some guitars on bestguitarunder.com.