7 Organic Remedies for Dry Cough 2024

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Are you wondering what is the natural cure for cough? What if we told you you could cure it with things from your kitchen? Read on to find out more.

To say that coughing is one terribly boring thing would be mild. There is little that can bother you with as much as a constant cough, especially if you are sick and it causes you pain. However, coughing is a natural occurrence and we cannot avoid it, which of course does not mean that you cannot mitigate its effect.

Did you know that it is possible to alleviate and cure it with natural ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen? Do not move from this site and we will show you what can be a natural remedy and how you can prepare it yourself very quickly.

But First, Something about Coughing

First of all, it should be noted that this is not necessarily a sign of colds or flu. It can also be a way for your body to clear its throat and expel excess mucus from the lungs or some food residue that tickles or scratches you. Such a cough is usually short-lived and stops when the throat irritation is removed.

When it lasts longer, it means that the throat is irritated by other things, most commonly by bacteria or other microorganisms. It can occur due to various irritants, such as, but not limited to:

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  • allergies
  • viral infections
  • bacterial infections
  • asthma or bronchitis
  • side effects
  • dry air
  • nicotine or cigarette smoke
  • acid reflux, ie heartburn, etc.

Differentiate Between Different Types

Basically, there are two types – dry and productive. What makes them different is the presence of secretion in the throat.

Dry cough – you guessed it, doesn’t mean secretion. It occurs due to irritation of the throat mucosa, usually after a cold, but also due to various other irritants. It is also a more severe form because it is slower to heal.

Productive cough – occurs in the presence of secretions. When you have a problem with this, it is not recommended to refrain from coughing because the goal is to get the secretion out of your throat.

Both types are treated the same – by focusing on treating what caused them. Cough symptoms, such as sore throats, can be alleviated, but if more severe, adequate treatment requires medication to target the bacteria and viruses that caused the condition.

We will, therefore, explain to you today what remedies and methods soothe dry cough.


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If you cough and have a sore throat, honey may be the natural remedy you are looking for. Honey is very good for our body and is also effective in treating this problem.

Experts believe that the effect of honey is due to its texture, which soothes irritated areas. In addition, it contains numerous enzymes that owe antibacterial properties, making it a great natural cure for sore throat.

In case you do not like honey, you can mix it in water or tea, combined with lemon if desired. However, you should know that you will get the best effect if you eat honey.

How Can Tea Help You?

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First of all, it should be said that any herbal tea will have a positive effect on cough, because, as we mentioned, it warms the throat and hydrates the body. Still, there are teas that are specifically good for this condition.

For starters, licorice root tea is often referred to as a useful natural remedy. It has many effects and can be helpful whatever the cause of this condition – it calms inflammation, cleanses the airways, helps your secretion to drain and soften.

Thyme tea is another widely praised tea. Thyme is one of the key herbs and often serves as a natural remedy for various ailments and conditions. Not only is it one of the main natural remedies in various ancient traditions, but thyme is also now officially approved in certain countries (for example in Germany) as a proven natural remedy for inflammation of the respiratory tract and various respiratory diseases.

Thyme contains antimicrobial agents that directly fight the cause of cough, and thus effectively eliminate it. At the same time, it relaxes the muscles and opens the airways.


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Ever since ancient times, it has been used to combat dull, dry cough. Some studies have even shown that it is as effective as codeine. It also helps your immunity, so it has dual application. As it is not widespread yet, it is important that you buy it in proven places, such as ShopKetum, whose products are laboratory tested.


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As mentioned earlier, syrups can be an effective remedy for this problem. Although they are not the first thing you think of when someone tells you “natural medicine,” some syrups are just that – herbal preparations that are made to help you.

Most often you will find different types of syrup depending on which cough you are treating – dry or productive. Basically, you can find various recipes on the internet for making these syrups at home, but if you are still buying syrups, look for those that contain the following herbs: sage, thyme, fig, plantago, etc.

Many of these syrups will have honey as an additive, which can certainly only improve their performance. You can also add honey by eating honey when you drink the syrup.


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Lately, ginger has been very popular and has been mentioned as a useful trick in both healing and weight loss. The good news is that ginger can also help you stop coughing as it is considered to be a cure for cleansing the respiratory tract, most notably for expelling the secretions from the lungs.

You can bring ginger through teas or syrups, but also by adding it as a spice to some dishes. Moreover, you can also make one ginger syrup at home.


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Black pepper is one of the main ingredients used by various ancient traditions in cooking and healing.

It must have happened to you that pepper causes you to sneeze. This is exactly what works for you when it comes to this problem – pepper helps you shed secretions and make your airways passable.


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Although you would not expect these basic spices, they can help you relieve the symptoms. This, of course, does not mean that you need to increase the amount of salt in your diet. All you need is a teaspoon of salt and 250 ml of warm water. Mix salt in water and rinse your throat, but do not swallow it. The high level of salt that comes into contact with the secretion helps with inflammation.

After rinsing your throat with salt water, you may also need to rinse it with plain, clean water to remove excess salt and prevent it from over-irritating the mucous membranes.


Other things that can help you are garlic and chicken soup. We are sure that at least one, if not all, of the natural remedies we have presented will help you.