7 Fun Ways to Style Jewelry This Fall

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It’s an exciting fall for fashion – and that rings particularly true when we take a look at the jewelry trends currently buzzing. This fall, it’s all about smart styling, aka styling that speaks, shines and perfects the balance game. From bold pieces to new ways to display your bling, here’s a look at the top 7 ways to style jewelry this fall.

  1. High-Up Pearl Chokers

Pearls have officially transitioned into fall. We all fell in love with the seashells and the dangly pearls during the summer months, but it seems that the gems of the sea are here to stay for good. The new way to rock them: opt for pearl chokers (see more at The Pearl Source). Tight and high-up on the neck, pearl chokers are reminiscent of the glam-meets-grunge 90s – the era that made plaid and casually worn pearls a thing.

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  1. Basics & Glam

Let the jewelry piece be the conversation-starter of your entire outfit by pairing elevated basics with statement pieces of jewelry. Instead of an overpowering game of bold garment choices and equally bold bling, perfect the balance and let the jewelry shine – both literally and figuratively. Go for a minimalist look using elevated basics in neutral tones and clean lines – then pair your outfit with bold, bright jewelry for a fun play on simplicity and extravagance.

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  1. Stacked Hairpins

Last year, it was all about stacked rings – and stacked earrings have been IN forever. But the newcomer on the stage is the hairpin. This fall, the way to wear your rhinestone-adorned or pearl-embellished hairpins is by stacking them for an either cohesive or eclectic mish-mash look. This trend comes with no strings attached, which means that you can go this styling route regardless if you’re wearing a daytime outfit or attending an evening event.

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  1. Upgraded Glasses

While you might not get as much use for your sunnies as in the previous hot months, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t look their best. And this season, best means bedazzled. Long, thin chains for prescription glasses and sunnies alike are IN and they’re definitely fun, playful and chic. Go for a sleek gold or silver chain for a streamlined look or opt for pearl-adorned pieces, as well as for vibrant colors and thick chains if you’re decidedly embracing the boldness.

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  1. Large Neckline-Outlining Chains

Bold chains have been in the fashion spotlight for a while – but this fall, we’re wearing them with chunky sweaters and knits. Not only that, but like Bottega Veneta claimed on the runway, outlining your décolletage with your bling is HOT. Whether you’re embracing fall fabrics and pairing chunky chains with equally chunky fabrics ahead of the festive season or matching a bold bling with your power suit for work, this fall trend is definitely one to follow.

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  1. Unconventional Brooch Placements

Why take the classic route when the alternative is creative to boot? Case in point: rocking your favorite brooches in unexpected ways and places. Whether you wear your bling on your sleeve, on your shoulder or on your bag, the verdict is in: dazzling brooches in glossy tones are a fall-favorite, especially when you’re ditching the traditional and finding new ways to display their beauty.

  1. Simple Geometry

Some of the current trends might disagree, but the fact remains: minimalism in all its glory is still on the rise when it comes to styling jewelry. Geometric lines, sleek designs and minimalist cuts plus finishes that aren’t too lustrous or too sparkly are all part of the ideal fall arsenal. Style tip: this cold season, pair up circles and squares, rectangles and triangles, all evoking the same elegant simplicity.