6 Best Blenders for Smoothies in 2023

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Do you enjoy smoothies to beat the heat or to stay fit? Whichever you choose, you have to have a reliable and efficient smoothie blender for the occasion, especially if you frequently want to help yourself to a drink. But some of the most marketable models these days do more than just smoothies, they also help whip a variety of soups, pancake batter, nut butter, sauces, salad dressings, hummus, and dips, as well as desserts.

But like every other appliance, choosing the best smoothie blender can be a chore. One of the reasons why this is the case is because the latest models come with their own set of unique features that make it harder for consumers to decide which pleases them the most. Also, sometimes people aren’t looking to spend hundreds of dollars on a simple kitchen appliance. So that’s why we’ve meticulously prepared this article for such people.

The following blenders are especially recommended by food bloggers, nutritionists, and fitness experts as well. Whichever of these you pick is sure to make your day refreshing and energetic:

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

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It may have quite the steep price tag, but the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender is one of the most popular, reliable and competent blenders around today. Even Jessica Young, founder, and CEO of Bubble referred to Vitamix as the “Ferrari of blenders.”

It comes with an automated blending feature with over pre-programmed settings that makes cleaning easy, provides excellent convenience and consistent results for smoothies, soups, shakes, and purée recipes.

According to AliceCoopersTown, its Low-Profile 64-ounce Container is ideal for family meals and entertaining and can fit snuggly under most kitchen cabinets.

Vitamix’s aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are made to pulverize even the toughest of ingredients, providing consistent results from the first blend to the last.

Plus, with just a simple drop of warm water and dishwashing soap, this mighty blender will clean itself in under 30 to 60 seconds.

Buy at Amazon for $599

2. Ninja Fit Personal Blender

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Another hot-seller is the fairly-priced Ninja Fit Personal Blender. With this beauty, health marks will be able to extract hidden nutrition by blending whole fruits and vegetables, including those portions that are usually discarded. The blender also breaks down fresh or frozen veggies, fruits, and ice into smooth, nutrient-packed beverages. -You should also check out the 10 Best Ninja Blenders, as reviewed by CookinPlanIt. They provide all the details that you need to know when choosing the perfect Ninja Blender for making smoothies.

The power pod is about the size of a coffee cup that can easily fit right in any of your kitchen cabinets or take up as little space as possible on the counter. It sports a sleek and modern design that offers up to 700 watts of power to quickly blend either frozen food or ice with ease.

It also features:

  • (2) 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups
  • (2) Sip & Seal Lids
  • 50-Recipe Cookbook

Buy at Amazon for $50

3. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

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If you’re looking for a decent budgeted blender and on the go, the Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s especially great for those whose diet usually consists of smoothies and protein shakes.

And since this appliance also serves as a traveling mug, you don’t need to worry about packing the right mug to hold your drink or even clean the blender before you leave your house. As a matter of fact, you only need to remove the jar from the base and you’re good to go.

With its one simple push-button touch, this blender saves you the trouble of spending extra on larger blenders that with all the added bells and whistles that you really don’t need.

And thanks to its On/Pulse button and stainless steel blades, Hamilton’s price-friendly blender will easily whip up smooth, evenly blended drinks that meet your desired consistency and taste all the time, regardless of the fruits and veggies you pick.

You can enjoy this baby in just under $20 at Amazon.

4. Vitamix 5200 Blender

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Vitamix hits it home again and this time with the 5200 Blender. There was even reviewer who said, “This is not a blender, it’s our way of life.”

The 5200 model was built to stand the test time for which Vitamix covers graciously under its seven-year warranty. And thanks to its signature aircraft-grade stainless steel blades, the blender is strong enough to obliterate any ingredient into a fine, consistent form, dialing up the freshness and taste to new heights.

What’s more, is that its adjustable speed dial allows you to control the blending speed to get the precise consistency that you desire, be it a super-smooth puree or an icy blend. It even comes with its own recipe book that holds some of your favorites and a DVD to show you just how it’s done.

The Vitamix 5200 Blender can be yours for $545.13 from Walmart.

5. KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender

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Here’s one more for those without deep pockets and one that can come under $100. It’s got all of the best features packed in one neatly-built product; a unique one-piece, a robust motor, stainless steel blades, a 56-ounce BPA-Free pitcher, and electronic controls that offer a powerful motion that is fast and thorough for consistent blending results.

The Intelli-Speed Motor Control is capable of sensing content within the jar and is able to maintain optimal speed to pulverize any ingredient that gets in the way of their blades.

The blender is capable of chopping, stirring, mixing, liquifying or pureeing. Its Pulse mode works with a variety of speeds for staggered blending, whereas its crush ice feature pulses at just the right intervals for consistent ice crushing results.

It’s all yours for $84.95 at Amazon.

6. Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

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If Vitamix’s price tag isn’t your cup of tea, but still desire the automated features of that brand, then Blendtec Classic 575 Blender is at your service.

It comes with a barrage of 1-touch buttons, has over 4 pre-programmed cycles, pulse, and 5-speed manual control that are capable of giving you a wide range of textures. Even as it is currently in blending mode, you can adjust the blending to your liking.

The blender gives consumers one of the best leeways in that they never have to chop, slice or dice fruits and vegetables to prep their blender. It also cleans itself within a minute upon adding just a wee bit of water and dish soap.

The blender is yours for approximately $313.80 from Amazon.