5 Ways to Make a Gambler Super Happy

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Is your friend’s birthday just right around the corner but you forgot to get them something special? If there are just a couple of days before the birthday comes, you do not have to worry as we can help you choose the right one.

If your friend loves all kinds of gambling, whether, casinos, online casinos, online card games or online betting, this is the right article for you. We are going to give you some suggestions for gifts that will surely make any gambler happy. However, you are the only one who knows your friend the best, the decision is up to you in the end, we just help you narrow down the options.

Whether a gambler or not, getting someone a creative gift is a sure way to make them happy. Here are some of the most creative gambling related gifts.

Gambling-related books

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Sure, a book can seem like it is a pretty boring gift that might not surprise your friend. However, if your friend has just entered the amazing world of gambling where he has to learn about tens or hundreds of different games, a book will change his life. A book where he can find out about everything that is related to casinos, betting, poker, blackjack, etc. will surely make him the happiest friend in the world.

There are various books you can choose from, and most of these have been written by professional poker players or by successful casino players. It is usually players who have managed to make a living with gambling. If there ever was a moment when your friend mentioned that he was inspired to play poker because of some professional gambler, make sure to check if there is a book by that same player.

A custom deck of cards

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When you look at a deck of cards it reminds you of one thing, gambling or a casino. And that is because almost every game out there that is related to gambling needs to be played with a set of cards. If your friend loves gambling and is especially in love with table games then you should consider getting them either a quality deck of cards or a customized deck.

With a quality deck of cards, your friend will feel like he is playing at a professional poker game. While with a customized deck of cards you can add anything you want on them. You could make them more personal and add in some pictures or logos that you can both relate to them or if you want to make them funnier you can add your faces or their pet’s face and so on.

This makes for a great gift because every time your friend has to pull out the deck to play a game of poker, he/she will have a good laugh. Don’t be shy to get creative with the customization.

Poker chips

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If you have ever been at a bigger casino you have probably noticed that the poker chips they use sound a lot more satisfying than the ones you used at your local poker games. This is because casinos use high-quality clay-mix poker chips while cheaper ones tend to use lower quality plastic.

If you want to surprise your friend with the perfect gift, get them a set of quality poker chips such as the ones you can find here. He will surely love the feel of the chips in the hand, the sound of the chips gathering up in the pot, making the late-night poker games at their place a lot more satisfying.

Mini Slot-Machine

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Have you noticed that your friend frequents the slot machines when you are out and gambling in a casino? He probably finds that type of gambling to be the most fun when compared to other games you could find at a casino.

Slot machines used to be called one-armed bandits because they used to have huge mechanical levers on the side of the machine that you had to pull every time you wanted to do a spin. Those types of machines, however, have been replaced with more modern ones, and it never will be the same.

The feeling of pulling down on that lever and the mechanical sound was one of the most satisfying things in a casino. Surprisingly, you can find mini-slot machines that have that exact same lever you can pull on to spin the machine.

So, if you really want to surprise your friend with a unique gift that can bring them the satisfaction of pulling down on that mechanical lever, get them a mini one-armed bandit slot machine.

The center of gambling

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Whenever someone is telling you about a big casino they have been in, a picture of Las Vegas, its flashy lights and huge casinos is probably what comes up in your mind. This is because we have all been taught that Las Vegas is the center of gambling in the whole world. And that is true considering that the whole city is built around gambling or betting.

The reason why Las Vegas got such a title is that Nevada was one of the first states in the United States that completely legalized casino gambling. Since Las Vegas was a pretty big city even those days, it saw a huge influx in gambling. The city realized that this was the future of the city and built the Las Vegas Strip. The Las Vegas Strip is about 4 miles long and features the largest casinos, hotels, and resorts in the world.

With so much history behind the city, why not surprise your gambler friend with a trip to The Strip? Not only will you have the time of your life, but you also have the chance to make some serious money.

You can walk around the Strip, do some shopping, ride on one of the huge amusement park rides, and then you can start visiting the casinos and its wonders. You probably will find out about gambling games that you have never even seen in your life. With such a trip you will make your friend the happiest person in the world, make no mistakes about that.