5 Ways the Online Casino is 2024’s Gaming Drawcard

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Spoiled for choice in the online saloon

While land-based and online casinos can happily coexist these days, and even complement one another – i.e. you’d obviously want to experience the excitement of going into a real bricks-and-mortar casino when traveling to an exotic location – the online casino offers a range of at least five additional advantages, which we’ll explore in detail below.

High mobility

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As a starting point, you can play while you’re on the move, i.e. in a train, tram, bus, taxi, airplane and so on, with downloadable online casino apps. A bit stumped as to what makes a good gambling app, from all of those that are out there to choose from? Well, you’ll want to select an app with sufficient variety (from slots, roulette and blackjack, to poker, scratch cards and live games) to keep you occupied indefinitely; and the app should be highly usable, with easy navigation and a seamless, intuitive flow. Don’t settle!

Does the app allow you to play online when you’re at home on wifi, and to download a game for your commute, too? That’s another consideration for those who like to play both on the move and in their own living room. The benefit of mobile play is that you’re never limited by location; neither are you restricted by the legislated opening days and times of a land-based casino.

The best apps in the business offer an extensive and well-thought-out range of games – some of which offer the thrill of a live dealer (just like in a land-based casino) – and a user-friendly layout like the BetMGM Indiana Sports App that is perfectly compatible with iOS and Android devices. Often, you will have to log out of your online username to play free of charge or for fun, as opposed to with “real money”, but playing money-free is never an option in a land-based casino.

Just… chillax

Online Casinos – All you need to know about them
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Currently, while the world is gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing is of the essence (especially for those with weakened immune systems), gambling from the comfort of your own home – with the option of online social activity – presents just the ticket. Guess what: you’ll save on commuting costs, which would either be public transport or your own fuel, and most likely accommodation and eating-out costs if the casino you prefer to frequent is based at a distance from your home. All the more money to put towards the next online bet!

Feeling a tad anti-social? We all do from time to time and, guess what: there’s no need to dress up and interact with people in the online space. In fact, even when playing dealer-led games in your online casino of choice, you can simply allow the software to do its thing; no dealer (or participant) interaction necessary.

For online gamers, rather than those who download and play on the move, there are many different kinds of bonuses to be had – from welcome bonuses to those that give players a certain amount of money for every wager placed. There are, unfortunately, far fewer special bonuses offered to on-the-go players but, if this is your beat, you may occasionally find that you get entered into a draw to win extra chips. Nothing of the sort applies in a land-based casino – score!

Safe as houses

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If you’ve already been the target of a mugging when exiting a real-life casino, or know a friend who has had their cash lifted, you are likely to prefer the personal safety of playing in your own living room. Most reputable online casinos also use encryption technology so that your financial information cannot be compromised. Just don’t be tempted to allow the app to record your username and password, for quick future login. Rather enter your login details manually each time you fancy a spin; or look for an app that offers you the option of entering a four-digit code to speed up your entry into the next big game.

Knowledge is power

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And then, if you’re a novice to this way of life, payback percentages may be a term you’ve never heard before. Essentially, they refer to the maximum amount a player can expect to win back in money, on average, from the casino in question. Unfortunately, when you place a bet at a land-based casino, there is no way of knowing (because there is no legislation that requires it to be publicly known) exactly what the payback percentage is. All you may be able to find out is the lowest percentage payback required in that nation, territory or city. On the other hand, online slots make it known what their payback percentage is, or at least the range in which it falls (from 98 to 85 percent, for example). This means you have all the knowledge at your fingertips before you place that initial online bet.

Better bankroll

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Additionally – and best of all in the real versus online casino debate – is that many digital saloons require much lower minimum bets than their bricks-and-mortar counterparts. So if you’ve set aside a specific amount for gaming over the month, say US$500, it is going to last you so much longer than if you had stepped inside the Bellagio, Las Vegas. For the impatient, there’s no need in cyberspace to take your turn at those one-arm bandits (just log on and start); and you can more or less set the speed of play to match your mood – slow and cautious in a poker match, or fast and fabulous on the slots.

Just remember: always quit while you’re ahead.