5 Types of Latinas You’ll Meet in Latin America

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Are you planning on accelerating your dating game the next time you pay a visit to Latin America? Is your experience with dating Latinas also admittedly limited? If the answer to both of these questions is ‘yes,’ you’ll want to read on.

Few girls are as wildly passionate and beautiful as the Latinas you meet when you venture into Latin America or on Amolatinablog.com. However, keep in mind that no two Latinas will be exactly alike. Nonetheless, when you do visit Latin America, it will become quickly apparent that many girls will fall under specific categories.

Here are the top five types of Latinas you’ll meet in Latin America:

The Party Girl

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The Party Girl is who may come to mind when you think of a sexy Latina. It is the kind of girl with a stunning body, tight-fitting clothes, beautiful face, long dark hair, and red lipstick who hangs out at bars and night clubs.

The Party Girl is also the kind of Latina that will be easy to find but also the most difficult for you to go out with. Why? Because she will likely be a part of a larger social group, and furthermore, she’ll have a lot of other guys looking to get with her as well. If you can’t impress her right upfront and stand out, she won’t want to spend time with you.

The Girl Who Runs on LST

‘LST’ stands for Latina Standard Time. For those of you who don’t have much experience with dating Latinas, pay attention. If you set plans to meet at eight, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t show up until nine or later.

The reason why isn’t because she doesn’t care about you; it’s because she wants to put a lot of effort into her appearance. To put it, the Latina girl who runs on LST is very flexible about her time but will also truly want to impress you.

The Free Spirit Girl

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The Free Spirit Girl is the kind of Latina who has traveled the world (or at least throughout the United States and Europe). She speaks English fluently, hangs out at hostels and beach bars, and embarks on backpacking trips regularly.

As a free spirit, she should be social, open-minded, and lively to hang out around. Unlike the Party Girl, the odds are higher that she’ll be alone rather than with a large social group. That means the odds are also greater than you can approach her with ease.

The Family Girl

In many ways, the Family Girl is the direct opposite of the Free Spirit Girl. She’ll be a lot more traditional and family-oriented, and she’ll also likely be looking for a long-term relationship or a marriage rather than a hook-up. It is the kind of girl you’ll want to take for walks around town or dinner dates and genuinely get to know.

She’ll also be eager to introduce you to her family if she likes you. Don’t be surprised if she asks you to join a family dinner after only two or three dates. She might want to introduce you because she needs to find out if you’re approved by her parents, grandparents, siblings, and her other relatives.

The Mestizo Girl

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Historically speaking, the term ‘Mestizo’ has been used to refer to someone of a mixed European and Indigenous descent since the time of the Spanish Empire. Indeed, the Mestizo Girl is the type of Latina with a beautiful mix of Indigenous and European features and is truly a unique and breathtaking woman. You can meet Mestizo Girls both in the major cities and out in the smaller towns and more rural areas.


Again, no two Latinas are truly alike. Not every single Latina you meet is going to fall under the categories mentioned above. But when you do travel to Latin America, you can no doubt expect to meet several girls who are just like the ones described above.