5 Tips to Help You Write Better Essays

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Forget about being stuck with your essay, trying to meet that dreadful deadline. We know that writing an essay can be quite challenging. You’re probably waiting for ‘but’. So here it is. But with these tips, you can take your composing skills to a new level and truly improve your writing. Check it out!

1. Read Other Students’ Essays and Get Inspired

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Did you know that often the greatest ideas are the improvement of somebody else’s thoughts? No, we don’t mean copy and paste other works. By reading other students’ works you can get a better grasp of essay writing altogether. Read them critically, examine what you like and dislike. Don’t narrow the essay just to your field of studies, get familiar with various writings. This is how you can develop your personal style better. Plus, you can find some ideas that may inspire you.

2. Enrich Your Vocabulary

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A great essay equals a perfect command of language. Enriching your vocabulary will allow you to express your ideas more effectively and accurately. What is more, playing with words provides you with the unique opportunity of making your style more vivid and dynamic. Finally, a smart word choice can help you develop convincing writing that will easily grasp the reader’s attention. That is why, don’t hesitate to learn new words, read more books, use thesaurus and start your own vocabulary book.

3. Don’t Let the Writer’s Block Scare You Away

The most intimidating part of writing an essay is actually starting to write it. Tons of students spend hours staring blankly at their screens. How to start? What to say next? To avoid having a writer’s block we advise you to organize your writing process. By this we mean, take some time examining your assignment: the topic, the formatting style requirements, words quantity, etc. Then start your research. “Remember to take notes while carrying out your investigation. Later on, it will be much easier to rely on these notes. Moreover, always dedicate time to thorough structuring. By outlining your essay you create a skeleton that will help you follow your thoughts. Thus, you won’t be scared away by some writer’s block,” says Kimberly Boyd, a student at the University of California and editor at LegitWritingServices, best custom writing services reviews.

4. Don’t Start with The Introduction

An introduction is supposed to be an eye-catching material offering a ‘trailer’-like information to your reader. Do you think the ‘trailer’ is shot before the movie? It works the same with an essay introduction. We advise you to write the beginning when you’re already through with the rest of the paper. At that point, you’ll be perfectly aware of the main points of your essay, so it will be much easier to create a convincing introduction.

5. Check it Twice or even Thrice

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Last but not least is proofreading. Many students underestimate the importance of this stage. However, accidental grammar or spelling mistakes can lower your mark. That is why always check your essay for errors. The best way to do it is a few days after you finish writing. Tools like Grammarly can help you quickly find and eliminate any typos and writing errors so that you can make sure that your writing is clear. In addition to that, it will be of great help if you ask your classmates or family to read your essay. This is how you can get some useful feedback to improve your writing style.

We hope these tips will help you polish your writing to perfection, so wait no more and try them out!