5 Essential Things You Need To Drive Abroad

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Passport And Driving Docs

This may well go without saying but it happens all too often that people forget this must-have document because they are not traveling by airplane. A driving licence and your passport can not be missed when going through your checklist. There are more forms of documentation that you must take though as regulations are updated.

The extra documentation that you have to carry can be in the form of your vehicle logbook, and or VE103, this is a document that shows you have been given permission to drive your hire/leased vehicle abroad. Depending on the severity of the Brexit deal , you may also ned to carry a green card with you. This proves that the vehicle that you are driving, has you fully insured to be the operator.

Documentation For Your Trailer

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The requirements that you have to adhere to when leaving the UK and entering the EU have already changed, and may see further changes depending on the outcome of the long awaited Brexit deal. At the moment, if you are towing a commercial trailer than weighs more than 750kg then you must register the trailer, in the same way that you would for the vehicle towing it. This rule also applies to domestic trailer that exceed a weight of 3,500kg.

Registering these trailers to be their own entity and not part of the towing vehicle means that they will have to display their own registration plates. The registration will be assign upon acceptance of your application. It must then be displayed at all times when traveling in and around Europe.

Readable Number Plates

Following on for our previous point, the number plates you are displaying must be clean, readable and clear for any authorities to get the information that they require. Even if you are displaying cherished number plates (see more https://www.number1plates.com/private-number-plates/cherished-plates/), you would be required to purchase a new set of replacement plates should they be damaged or worn.

This actually goes for any travel that you under in the UK too. Myreg.com is displaying damaged or unreadable number plates in your home nation could result in an on-the-spot fine of up to £1000 due to you not take proper care of your vehicle while using the roads.

Travel Pillow

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Maybe not so helpful for the driver. But any passengers should put this at the top of the list for those long drives into Europe for a summer holiday. It’s never easy to get comfortable in a small car that is crammed with all of the holiday pieces that are traveling with you. And this small and inexpensive essential could make it slightly easier to find some need rest.

Travel Mug

This is definitely for the driver. As we have just stated, long journeys can take their toll. If you are the main/only driver and a long trip abroad, a travel mug could be the best piece of kit that you can buy. Filled with a nutritious meal, and a very strong coffee, this could be the difference between safety and danger on the roads. We would always recommend taking a break and stretching your legs at least every 3-4 hours, but a coffee and a wound-down window could also help as you travel.