4 Ways Women Can Keep Their​ Wardrobe Stylish

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If you’re a woman, then you are probably facing the same problems the rest of us are when we go into clothing stores. There’s nothing there we like!!!

So, what is a girl to do when the popular cookie-cutter stores aren’t offering the items you love? You’ve been back to your closet time and time again, and it feels like some days you can wear one thing, and the next day it doesn’t fit. While that is a very aggravating place to be (believe me, I’ve been there), we can still adjust and adapt. We’re women, right? We were made to evolve and produce a living, breathing humans! Why is it so hard to produce an outfit that looks great and doesn’t feel like you’re holding your breath for thirty minutes at a time while you’re wearing it? Let’s cut to the chase because there are some interesting ideas you need to know and it’s all about keeping that wardrobe of yours stylish and cutting edge…and without spending a ton of money either.

1 – Mix and Match

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Guess what? You already have your next new outfit in your closet. Sounds weird, I know, but always be on the lookout for that great deal on a cardigan, skirt, or other items you’ve been wanting. Chances are you already have something to pair it with, and it will look great on you. Most fashion designers like Phoebe Philo recommend pairing items you have purchased with items you already have because it allows for more versatility in your closet. More than likely you have that one pair of heels you have been dying to wear something with. Well, time to start looking for that amazing pencil skirt to go with the top already in your closet. When you think about shopping for style in this way, you’re not going out with a ton of items on your mind. You already know you need the skirt, so go get it.

2 – Dresses For The Win

The average American woman spends more than half of her life in the closet staring at her clothes. Okay, that’s an over-exaggeration, but some days it feels like it. Wouldn’t it be so much simpler if there was only ONE item we had to pick and put on? Oh wait, there is, it’s called the dress and, according to British Vogue, fashion statements like these are on an upward trend in our country this year. One friend explained to me that the most difficult event to dress for church. The best part about this is, family-owned businesses like E and O Apparel, offer modest church dresses to the public, and they meet the requirements of both British Vogue and the church (never thought I would say those two things together in the same sentence). There is something about a classy dress that brings out the best in a woman, and it’s a good possibility those heels you’re trying to find something to wear with just found a home with a new dress.

3 – Add A Scarf

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We are coming into the season where the scarf will save your outfit. A great scarf has the potential to change everything about your outfit completely, and that’s what we love about it. These days there are scarves for just about every occasion you can think of. Also included in the scarf category would be neckerchief, which is also very stylish and modern when paired with a drab item.

4 – Work with What You Have

I know we all love shopping, but sometimes there’s just not enough time in the day to do it. Even more so if you’re a busy mom with 101 things to do that day. Sometimes the refresher your wardrobe needs is to introduce an old top to your favorite skirt or pair of jeans. Using #2 as an idea, mix, and match with your favorite pair of heels or scarf and build an outfit from what you have. Designers of the runway are in agreement that the busy mom already has some excellent pieces in her closet; all she has to do is find them. Although if you’re like me, you end up looking like Sasquatch with a pile of clothes on your head. But I finally figured out what they were talking about. There’s something in there you forgot you had and you can liven it up with a great item. One outfit I refreshed, the only thing I did was add a slim belt and new shoes. It’s now one of my favorite outfits!

In Conclusion

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If you have thousands of dollars, you may be on the wrong blog post. However, if you’re the average American woman, you are a pro at blending and mixing. You are living in the closet, and you care about how you look because that’s the respect you demand yourself. One of the best ways to make a great first impression is through the empowerment your wardrobe brings to your life. If you are looking for the best styles for your closet and you need to learn about new and exciting items, here is my list of favorite resources that have always been a great source for the wardrobe.