3 Best RC Cars Under $100

Img source: rctfb.com

From our experience, we can say that sometimes it can be very distressing to enter a toy store and see that a remote-control car toy we want is overpriced, or at least, the price is too high for our pocket. It is pretty to see that if you want an RC car of the highest possible quality, you need to be prepared to break the bank if needed. We say this because we know how popular hobby remote control cars have become in the past few decades.

You’ll be surprised to learn that it is popular both with children and with grownups. Because of their popularity, the makers of RC cars use pretty advanced technology, especially in recent years. If you are into RC cars and look to find some of them who come at a reasonable price, but they don’t lack in quality, you are in the place to be. We are going to present you with our list of the best RC cars who cost under one hundred dollars. Yes, you heard that right, one hundred dollars.

Gizmovine RC Car

Img source: amazon.com

Gizmovine is a sturdy and a strong RC car that can crawl over things in case it can’t drive over them smoothly. It is especially good for little kids who love RC cars. It is worth every penny you will give for it. This toy comes with massive torque, so a car can perform very good while driving on the ground. This simulation design is made to 1:16 scale. Gizmovien has a high suspension shocks which means that it is more shockproof than a majority of RC cars on the market. Plus, the chassis of this car is pretty flexible, which can be pretty useful when driving.

Because of it’s exterior it can cover obstacles and rough terrains than almost any other remote-control car you can buy, even though is cheaper than most of them. This is a fact that pretty surprised us. One more thing, Gizmovine can climb at a 50-degree angle, which is one more proof that this one is better than most of the other RC cars. When it comes to its body, this car is water-resistant. Not only that, this car`s body is resistant to all kinds of weather that could normally damage any kind of material. It’s remote is not rechargeable, and it can use only 4 AAA batteries.


  • Rough terrain climbing
  • Obstacle overcoming
  • Big torque
  • 4WD drive
  • Water-proof exterior
  • Shock-proof exterior


  • Charging takes a lot of time
  • Remote needs batteries

The Grasshopper – Tamiya 58346

Img source: howesmodels.co.uk

This one comes from a land of the rising sun, Japan. Famous brand from Japan, Tamiya makes low-cost RC cars, but they are of the highest possible quality and high-performance. We tested one of these, and the results were exceptional. We think that this RC car is an excellent piece of work, especially in terms of durability and reliability. Not only that, this is one of the best RC cars when it comes to the design. It looks somewhat futuristic. But this is not the best thing about this car. If that was true, the situation wouldn’t be as good.

The grasshopper has a great range, it can reach up to 300 feet. This range has equally maintained both downhill and uphill running. This is an RC car who specialized in off-road that has an RWD drivetrain. It is equipped with 380 type engine. However, this car is compatible with type motors 540. Naturally, you would need to buy each one of these separately. When you buy this car, you will get all the parts separately, and you would need to build it on your own. It would take about half an hour to put it together. When it comes to weight, this is one of the easiest RC cars you can find on the market.


  • Exceptional range
  • Tested for safety
  • Off-road driving
  • Easy to assemble


  • Separate chargers and battery

Rock Crawler – Maisto R/C 27Mhz

Img source: amazon.com

You can tell that this device is a powerful one just by looking at how it is positioned in the box which arrives at your home. Furthermore, you can see that it is capable of doing some of the most impossible tricks you can imagine. This car has low gearing and two motors, which makes it more than capable for off-road action. This remote-control car is run on 6AA batteries, and the remote control is run on 2AAA batteries. Plus, rock crawler features exceptional off-road capability and a tri-channel transmitter.

If you place the camera on this RC car, you can get a feeling like you are driving this kind of car. You can have all the thrill of this kind of driving, but you can do it without the danger you would face if you were a real driver. Because of its tri-channel transmitter, you can have three people playing at the same time, each one of them with their own RC car. When you see what the price is and see all the features you are going to get under $100, you are surely going to be one happy customer. However, this RC car is not without a flaw. It has two types of batteries, and having them changed could be trouble sometimes.


  • Exceptional ride
  • Tri-channel transmitter
  • Plenty of grips


  • Steep climbs can be a problem
  • Two types of batteries
  • The battery compartment is difficult to access sometimes

The Conclusion

As you probably get from this list of ours, acquiring a remote-control car of the highest-quality without breaking the bank is simply not going to happen. So, if you decide that you want this for you or your child, you should be prepared to pay. However, we proved you that, thankfully, this is not always going to be the case. We presented you with three exceptional RC cars that you can get for less than a hundred dollars, which is more than a fair price, you will agree.