24 Ways to Keep Your Wife Happy During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy means a new beginning for a girl who used to be eloquent, jumpy, full of energy and happy at all times. It’s a journey that comes along with mixed reactions from both the husband and the wife. For those who are prepared for pregnancy, the first test that comes out positive brings joy and unstoppable peace to the entire family. There is no greater and unexplainable joy as the breaking of news from wife to husband that she is pregnant.

The parents long for their bundle of joy, and this is clear from the way they act walk together along the streets, holding hands and making sure that the world knows that a prince or a princess is on the way. But all in all, pregnancy is difficult. It’s a journey full of reactions that can range from cravings, mood swings, physical pain, abnormal requests, bed rest sometimes, and frustration.

Men need to know how to handle these issues and ensure that their wives are happy and secure. According to OnlineDivorce, at this stage of life, families are at a high risk of breaking up and even ending in divorce, especially if the husband does not understand enough. Husbands who are sober should manage the relationship, make certain compromises and avoid unnecessary divorce, which would be regrettable in the future.

If we learn from the termite kingdom, the queen is treated uniquely. The rest of the termites will ensure that the queen is well fed and given the respect that she deserves, as she is the mother of the kingdom. This is contrary to human beings; we keep looking for our mothers give back even when heavily pregnant. However, a husband should work hard to make his wife the proverbial queen during this period.

Below are great ways to keep your wife happy during the entire pregnancy.

  1. Be Patient with her

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As the saying goes, patience pays; the only way to prove how patient a man is to offer unlimited support. During this period, hormones react weirdly, according to Today’s Parent. The happy girl you used to know can turn into a different person altogether–for example, one minute it delights her, the next minute she is crying, the next she goes numb, and the list continues. You should not change moods with your wife. Stay put and love her the way she is and behaves; after all, it will only be for about forty weeks.

  1. Take her out on a date

Imagine it’s her birthday, and she expects a birthday present or two. Figure out what she craves most and select a restaurant that makes the food she craves. Even though she is bulkier than usual, she will feel great walking along the streets and getting a surprise date for dinner, eating what she loves most.

  1. Read books together

When one is pregnant, there is so much eagerness and curiosity about what to expect. To prove that you share the burden, buy something like a pregnancy guide book. Read it together and elaborate on the ideas presented in the book. Or a book on child development.

  1. Buy classic maternity clothes for her

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The change in her body lends itself to certain types of dresses, and this will enable her to adjust and embrace her new look.

When the husband comes home with new fashion pieces and reassures her he still loves her in her new shape, this builds assurance. She’ll remember all the good things you bought for her for years to come. Reassure your wife that her beauty is not comparable to anyone else, and she will draw closer on an intimate level.

  1. Go for joint doctor’s appointments

Men shy away from visiting the doctor with their pregnant wife, but among many factors, this one outweighs all of them. It’s the best way to prove that in sickness and in health, even while a baby is inside her, you will be there by her side.

When you visit the doctor, you can understand the challenges she’s facing from a scientific perspective, listen to the unborn baby’s heartbeat and start forming a strong bond between you and the baby.

  1. Selectively act how she does

Unpredictable mood swings can make your wife irritable at times. The husband should try to stay steady and stable in response, but there are sometimes when he can and should indulge in her spot desires. If she wants to go for a walk, go for a walk. If she wants to watch a soap opera and criticize the characters in it, do that and join in on the criticism.

Many women adjust their diets during pregnancy and get irritated when, for example, they smell bacon that you’re having and they can’t have it. Don’t buy food like this, then. Sacrifice and eat meals that the two of you can have and enjoy together.

  1. Help her manage the morning sickness effect

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Most times, nausea accompanies morning sickness, vomiting, headaches, fever, and the like. It is a very frustrating experience, especially when the symptoms extend throughout the day.

Help her fight these challenges by choosing the best therapies to handle the issue, stopping by your local pharmacy and making tea for her in the morning, and she will never forget your kindness.

  1. Assist with household chores

The stress and strain that a pregnant woman goes through means she needs support with various household chores. Washing utensils and cleaning the house could be an excellent remedy for her stress. Keep repeating and let her know that it’s because of the love you have for her you are doing these chores. Do not make it seem like she is imposing on you.

  1. Accept the role of delivery boy

The fact that you do this does not mean that you have become a servant. Remember that some craving-based demands come from hormones produced by the baby, and if she asks for an apple, find out how to get one as soon as you can. In short, be set for any surprise demand that she makes.

  1. Assist her in falling asleep

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As soon as one gets pregnant, the body reacts weirdly, and many women get sleepy for the better part of the day.  However, that sleep fades away, even as the baby grows and becomes heavier.

The discomfort piles up, and it becomes hard to get the same sweet sleep was there before. To help her sleep, massage her gently, get pillows and lay them around her, try to offer her comfort, and share some sweet bedtime stories to make her feel relaxed; this will go a long way to support her sleep patterns.

  1. Be a listening partner

While going through the challenges, a listening husband will know how to handle her worries, like if she asks about the labor pains, the caesarian section experience, offer advice that will make her feel peaceful and eliminate the fear surrounding her.

  1. Surprise her with a romantic experience

Oh, my goodness! She will forget she was pregnant for a while. Come home with a bunch of sweet-smelling flowers and surprise her with a romantic message on top of it. When she seems in a particularly dry mood, carry her to the living room and put on cheery lights, a bit of light music and do a few slow dances. The excitement will take over, and her stress will be forgotten.

  1. Since the husband is the guardian during the 40 weeks of pregnancy, offer her a stress-free period

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Pregnancy is a period that needs ultimate care, so be there for her, treat her to a manicure at a spa she loves, help as much as you can and be a shoulder to lean on when she needs you around her. If you make the period relatively stress-free, when she is through, she will probably pine for a second child. And in most cases, you will too.

  1. Keep reminding her that she is the most beautiful woman

Women tend to withdraw from public participation as their bodies start to change.

Try to keep her confidence by assuring her that the immense love you have for her is incomparable. As you keep repeating this daily, her self-esteem will remain unchanged, and she will feel adored at all times.

  1. Look for extra-mile ways to keep her relaxed

Weigh out the cost of hiring an expert to do some housecleaning every week to ensure that every corner of the house is well polished and neat.

As the baby bump grows, give her a bubble bath, and buy her a book written by great women who have gone through pregnancy successfully.

  1. Make a surprise appearance during her baby shower

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Ladies love having baby showers. Surprise your wife by secretly appearing during her baby shower party, and shower her with gifts as proof that you have appreciated the entire journey and most of all, sit with her as you listen to advise on how fathers should handle their incoming baby.

  1. Talk to the baby

Have a walk with your wife to the park. Pretend like you are kneeling for a new engagement with her and then… talk to this growing baby in your wife’s womb. The sense of caressing her belly will bond you further with the baby and the mother at the same time. As you continue doing this, the baby will even recognize your voice and will recognize you when he or she is born.

  1. Keep a memory of the experiences and the stages

Take photos of the moments you had while pregnant to remind you of the joys you had and the pains you experienced. These memories will enable you to manage pregnancy number two effectively.

  1. Plan a vacation together

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Usually, the second trimester will be a great time for a babymoon holiday. This will be a perfect time to focus on the baby, have a budget and enjoy being together. You can think about the upcoming bundle of joy–nothing much, but this will also give you a chance to rekindle your love and intimacy.

This will also be healthy for your wife, who gets some needed rest and can spend time with you.

  1. Take care of family pets

Your wife will probably feel disgusted if the pets are not taken care of. Make it your full responsibility to make sure they are well fed and cleaned. This will avoid her having to strain too much to manage them. She will feel relieved and peaceful.

  1. Purposefully spoil her

This means treating her like a queen in the wilderness. For instance, if she asks for a glass of cold milk at night, rush to the fridge, put it in a fancy glass, and bring it to her bedside. You will not believe how happy she will become.

  1. Be her comfort

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At times, you may have nothing to do around the house; let her sit next to you and cuddle with her. Allow her to relax on your lap and let her know that all is well, even when she feels overwhelmed by the sight of her burgeoning stomach.

  1. Remain Positive throughout her experiences

Forty weeks can turn into a year if she has no one to encourage her. When she is down, lift her up and reassure her that her worries are soon ending. Suggest unique baby names that would excite her. Google things together and make fun out of it. This way, she will feel that you are part of the journey and will remain a happy woman.

  1. Maintain her car

You will not always be together when she needs to use the car, so to make her feel comfortable and stress-free, ensure that it is fully managed and serviced for her to go out and do errands at her desire.

Most importantly, try to be around as much as possible during the last days of her pregnancy, doing all the errands that you can.

When labor sets in, take her to the hospital and stay with her to the very end. Be the first to see the bundle of joy and share emotion as soon as the baby has been pushed out. You will lay a foundation that can never be shaken.