10 Significant Reasons Why Tablets are Better than Smartphones

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Many believe that smartphones are the prime invention of this era. Sleek and widely compatible, these mobile phones come with multiple functionalities. Whether it is remotely operating other smart devices or sending relevant emails, smartphones do it all. But are they the most significant invention of our times? Or is there another device that challenges that claim?

Indeed, there is. I’m talking about tablets, which are the perfect mixture of smartphones and laptops, harmonized and loaded with the best features of both. These tablets should be your choice the next time you wish to purchase a computing device with an operating system.

But why? What’s so special about them? Check out the following reasons why tablets are significantly better than smartphones.

Larger Display

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What’s the anthem of today? Bigger and better, right? People today want everything to be epic in proportion and efficiency. That is where tablets find their ultimate relevance. What’s a six-inch screen of an ordinary Android phone in front of a ten-inch screen of an iPad Pro tablet? Nothing, right?

It’s like comparing a matchstick to an electric lighter. Wouldn’t you prefer a bright and expanded display over a small and limited one? You sure would. Thus, by offering a bigger screen and better resolution, tablets are much more useful than smartphones.

Long-Lasting Battery

Suppose you’re a traveling businessman, and you need to make active use out of your smartphone to send important updates to your clients abroad. Time is a crucial factor for you. One missed shot, and there goes your career. You are bound to charge your phone every few hours, especially at the critical moment when it blares that detestable low battery warning, making you want to pull your hair out in frustration.

That would never happen with a tablet. A tablet has a longer battery life than a laptop or a smartphone. You can use it for hours on end without having to worry about charging it. That is especially true for the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, as its battery can afford approximately 13 hours of continuous video playback.

Easy Portability

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Imagine that you’ve been planning to go on a tropical vacation to the Bahamas for a long time. All you want to do is relieve your pent-up frustration by surfing on the crystal clear blue waves. But at the last minute, your boss hands you this hardcore project, which could make or break your job. You can’t say no to it, nor can you cancel the vacation, as it’s non-refundable.

Also, you want to travel light, so you can’t take your laptop with you either. Your smartphone lacks the right apps. What are you to do? Trust a tablet, that’s what. It’s light enough to be carried in your backpack and has all the right applications for you to work on the project. Its easy portability just saved your job and can save much more.

Cinematic Viewing

It’s the middle of the night. You’re lying in your cozy bed, and you feel like watching a horror movie. But which device should you choose to stream the film on? Your laptop? It’s way too big, and it exudes enough heat from the bottom to burn your lap. Your smartphone? It’s way too small. Your tablet? Of course!

It’s perfectly sized for a more immersive cinematic viewing and has fewer battery issues. All you need to do is power up Netflix using your internet connection, which ideally should be fast, reliable, and relatively cheap as offered in deals like Cox internet deals. Visit here to see such exciting deals. Nothing sucks more than buffering, so make sure your network’s good to go.

Cost Saving

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With the economy getting trickier by the minute, you can’t help but be thriftier if you’re to keep your household budget in balance. With so much to manage, you cannot afford to forego the necessities so that you can get your hands on expensive luxuries. Many of the latest smartphone models are luxuries, given their skyrocketing prices.

Just take the example of the new iPhone X plus, ranging at around $1000! At the same time, the new iPad, 2018 model comes at a reasonable price of about $300 and packed with the same basic features. Which one would you pick if you were looking to save money? The tablet, obviously.

Clearer Reading

You’re heading over to your Grandma’s house for the vacation, and you can’t carry the twenty books you’ve meant to read. It’s way too cumbersome. And reading on your tiny smartphone exhausts your eyes. What are you to do?

Use a tablet; that’s what. Its ten-inch screen and 64GB storage should be enough to entice you. Download as many books as you want on this sleek device and then read wherever, however, and whenever you want to.

Better Designing and Composition

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Creating art has never been easier, thanks to tablets. The days of paper are gone and done. They’re buried in a perishable past. Digital is the way of the future, as it lends permanence like none other.

If you’re a graphic designer, comic artist, or videographer, you know how well a pen tablet with a stylus is essential for your work. It stands as your canvas. Could you do the same things on a smartphone? Perhaps, but not as efficiently or effectively as you could on a tablet.

Project Handling

With businesses transitioning online, projects are becoming more and more virtual, as well. To manage them efficiently, you need a proper device with the right functionality, something that is portable, reliable, and capable enough to use multiple apps at the same time. That suitable device is a tablet. Smartphones could work in this scenario, too, but their small display gives much less space to work with.


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Step into the shoes of a working single mother for a second and see how much you have on your hands. To manage it all expertly, you need technological assistance. Tablets are here to help. Using this sleek device, you can accomplish so many tasks at the same time. On its large screen, you can create PowerPoint presentations, check up on the nanny back home by viewing the live feed from your surveillance cameras, save the recipe for the pasta you’re going to cook tonight and order a lip kit online. Can you do this just as well on a tiny smartphone? No, you cannot.

Peripheral Connective Diversity

Because of its incredible audio-visual quality, a tablet is a better option for gamers than a mere smartphone. You can sync any wireless device to it and use it remotely. This versatility and peripheral connective diversity make it a far excellent investment.

Thus, as you can see, tablets still have enough grit in them to outlast smartphones in the digital arena of today.